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Media Plus is an independent digital agency that specializes in delivering consistent and memorable user experiences across interactive multimedia mobile applications and web application design and development.

Media Plus is an award winning multimedia company that goes the extra mile to fulfill client needs. Its innovative team provides state-ofthe- art web apps and multimedia solutions following the latest IT and project management best practices.

Media Plus creates powerful websites that generate client affinity and brand loyalty. Using a combination of Internet technologies including the latest web technologies, information architecture, programming, graphic design and interactive interface design.

Media Plus develops an immersive digital presence that maintains an excellent image for its clients’ business. Media Plus is capable of producing top-notch applications based on researched client and end-user feedback, as well as dynamic user interactivity combined with high levels of engaging graphics.

The development team is highly experienced in database-driven websites that meet enduser demands for up-to-date information and personalization. Media Plus develops updateable websites that address client budgetary concerns and meet their strategic business goals.

Media Plus offers an end-to-end service in the planning, concept, design and application development for smartphones and tablets, creating apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, for smart phones powered by Google’s Android and other leading operating systems. Media Plus also develops optimized web applications that run smoothly on smart phones and tablets.

Through the use of dynamic, attractive and interactive interfaces; MediaPlus helps draw customers closer to its clients’ business, distinguishing them from their competitors and allowing them to make a lasting impression on their targeted customers.

Combining design and animation expertise with skills from various disciplines, including graphic design and visual arts, Media Plus produces computer-animated productions and motion graphics with unforgettable characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.

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