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ViaVii is a platform and mobile app that helps users to easily discover and book online travel experiences in more than 50 cities around the world, in particular the MENA region. The platform offers immersive experiences designed and hosted by locals and passionate people which enables them to digitize their offerings with ready-to-buy experiences; thereby increasing their revenue and visibility, and connecting them to travelers looking for personalized and unique experiences.


KHIBRATY, Arabic for (my expertise), is a modern-tech business startup that provides a leading digital marketplace where business experts can connect with clients seeking professional expertise.

The intelligent KHIBRATY consultancy matchmaking platform offers services to professionals from various industries and fields through easy-to-use, cutting-edge technologies.


CONNECT TO FIT is the first fitness marketplace in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, connecting these regions to the world of wellness and fitness through seamless technology.


Mrayti was established in 2016 as an on-demand beauty app and has grown to offer specialized TV styling services to Jordan's most prominent TV stations, actors, and shows. In 2020, Mrayti added product sales to its portfolio with the launch of their specialized e-commerce site offering a wide range of natural, cruelty free beauty products.


iMoneh is an online application that is used by smart devices (Android and iOS) to order the grocery from supermarkets near the customer, whereby the customer can choose the supermarket which he/she prefers to buy groceries from and to choose the appropriate delivery date and time, with the option of more than one day delivery.

The use of the iMoneh application allows the customer to order groceries at any appropriate time, scheduling the process of delivery through the application, with the possibility of cash-on-delivery and online payments methods through Visa and MasterCard.

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