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NaiTel is a leading-edge technology company in the Middle East operating a regional fiber-optic network and a carrier-neutral, Uptime-certified Tier- 3 data center in Aqaba, Jordan.

Benefiting from a strategic regional location, NaiTel provides direct and extended interconnection and peering to, from and through the MENA region. With an RTD of 29ms from MENA to Europe and proximity to Saudi Arabia’s borders, the NaiTel data center is also the perfect gateway to the Middle East and a perfect hub for connecting East with West.

Jordan Advanced Fiber Company (Fibertech)

Jordan Advanced Fiber Company “Fibertech” is Jordan’s first wholesale “Fiber to The Home” (FTTH) network, providing mass consumer, highspeed Internet services through the broadband retail partners in Jordan.

Established in 2019 as a joint venture that brings together two players from the worlds of energy and telecom, the company strives to popularize premium connectivity to Jordanian households and businesses, and to bring the joy of ultrafast Internet to millions.

Orange Jordan

Jordan Telecommunications Group- Orange Jordan was first founded in 1996, with the aim of building the telecommunication and information technology sector in the Kingdom. In 2000, the company was privatized to become a subsidiary of the global telecom giant Orange, which operates in 26 countries around the world, and in key markets such as France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal. In 2007, the fixed line, mobile, and Internet subsidiaries merged into one company which was rebranded to Orange.

VTEL Jordan

VTEL, wholly owned by VTEL Holdings, is a leading regional Internet provider based in Jordan, offering the best fiber-optic data connections and amazingly fast Internet services to the wholesale, corporate and residential market.
The company was established and started its operations in 2008. Since then, it never ceased to earn customers’ loyalty through bringing the latest innovations in telecommunications right into their business.


DAMAMAX commenced operations in 2008 as a telecommunications provider to capitalize on increased demand for IP bandwidth capacity in Jordan.

DAMAMAX is one of the few backbone operators in the Kingdom of Jordan; providing broadband solutions that are fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective through its fully owned optical fiber (network) and has traditionally served as a wholesale connectivity provider for large enterprises in Jordan and abroad.

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