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Madfooatcom is a Jordanian P.S.C company that was established in 2011 with support from Oasis500 (funded by the Kind Abdullah II Fund for Development), and with strategic shareholders from Jordan
and the GCC. It provides an online, real-time Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service, which enables customers to inquire about and pay their bills anytime, anywhere.\


Qumal is a financial technology company seeking to build partnerships for innovation to pilot new services and products with a core focus on supply and value chain financing.

It is a platform business model and network. Qumal's aim is to provide the best infrastructure and ecosystem for stakeholders and participants in its platform.


Two years ago, Fadi Oweis came home back from the US to Jordan with his family. He started looking for a housing loan to fund his apartment. That process turned out to be very tiring and time consuming. Fadi and Yara set out to fix the problem and was born.

Amwalcom provides you with detailed online information about the different offers from the financial institutions in addition to financial tips provided through articles, videos and through its messenger chatbot.


Solfeh is a FinTech startup, an online micro-lending platform, that offers emergency cash advancements to salaried employees, with amounts ranging from $400 to $1400 with a flexible tenor (of up to 25 months) in a fully automated process that takes up to 30 minutes for the users to get their money.

No more hassles in banks and piles of paperwork, or arguing with friends and family members. makes it easier to borrow the money you need and pay it back with minimum hassle later.

Network International Jordan

Network International Jordan (formerly Emerging Markets Payment) - is a part of Dubai-headquartered Network International LLC, the leading payment solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA).

Together they service more than 65,000 merchants and 220 financial institutions across 50+ countries.

Middle East Payments Services "MEPS"

Middle East Payments Services (MEPS) was founded in 2009 and owned by eleven local and regional leading banks and companies.

MEPS is an innovative, regional payment services provider, offering payment card services, ATM management, secure point-of-sale (POS) devices, e-commerce payment gateway solutions, fraud monitoring and loyalty programs. Additionally, MEPS is a payment processor, card issuer and merchant acquirer.

IrisGuard UK Ltd

IrisGuard is a UK-based, worldwide supplier of novel end-to-end iris recognition biometric technology that authenticates identity for payments and large-scale humanitarian deployments. Taking iris recognition’s long-standing respect as the most accurate, secure, reliable, faultfree and fastest method of human identification; IrisGuard has been at the pioneering end of the industry, being the first iris recognition in border control, the first on ATMs, the first in supermarkets and the first to integrate with blockchain.

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