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About the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE)


At the heart of Jordan’s digital economy sits the drive to serve Jordan’s people and improve their lives through a more efficient and advanced digitally-savvy ecosystem. The Ministry has, and will continue to, empower the citizens and residents of Jordan in their digital journey across sectors and industries.

The Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) Jordan, was historically known as the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MoICT). The name was changed in mid-2019 to reflect the role of the ministry as it includes more functions. It signifies how Jordan envisions the future of its ICT industry as it incorporates the wider digital economy and becomes more invested in entrepreneurship.

MoDEE has been working on the digital transformation of service delivery to citizens and businesses by focusing on activities designed to improve access to and quality of selected digital government services and related digital transactions.

MoDEE has launched 357 digital services, providing governmental services to citizens/businesses without the need for physical presence. Key infrastructure enablers such Digital Identity System (IDM), Single Sign On (SSO) were launched.

In Q3 2020, MoDEE will expose the government APIs to the private sector, through a transparent policy that will enable startups to provide cost efficient innovative solutions to challenges. Open APIs will also allow openness, transparency and increased efficiency of the public infrastructure. In Q3, MoDEE will launch Sanad 2.0 which is an upgraded platform that will allow people to do their onboarding without the need for physical presence, whereby more services are being added such as social security among others.

MoDEE is catalyzing the digital transformation in Jordan. With the support of digital transformation policies, such as Open APIs, Data Classification and other enabling policies; the enabling pillars for this transformation include Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Skills, Digital Services, Digital Infrastructure, Digital Enablers, Strategic Projects.

Technology is an enabler to all sectors and allows scalability for both businesses and social enterprises. Therefore, MoDEE is keen to nurture Jordan’s entrepreneurial spirit through supporting startups, SMEs and larger enterprises which are a crucial part of this journey as they are the facilitators that help to manifest economic growth.

MoDEE supports entrepreneurship by also working with the ecosystem to regulate social enterprises to ensure alignment and provide support, where needed, in order to fulfill Jordan’s commitment to the SDGs. MoDEE is working with other government institutions and the private sector to overcome the challenges faced by entrepreneurs including access to markets, access to funding, regulatory challenges and access to talents.

In addition to efforts that empower Jordan’s digital economy, Jordan is also gaining momentum and establishing a prominent footprint in the global digital map. This is, predominantly, credited to the digital competency of Jordan's people and the fertility of the digital ecosystem.

To further its impact, MoDEE launched Jordan’s Youth, Technology & Jobs (YTJ) project in 2020. The goal of this project is to improve digitally-enabled income opportunities and expand digitized government services in Jordan. Through YTJ, MoDEE will train 30,000 people in Jordan, and increase job opportunities. YTJ is set to cater to Jordan’s “future of work” needs by working on the supply (the digital up-skilling of youth & creation of tech hubs) and demand (digitally-enabled opportunities and market expansion of private sector). On the supply side, the projext is set to develop a digital skills ciriculum for grades 7 through 12 in public schools. YTJ will incentivize the private sector and social enterprises through multiple financial & non-financial incentive programs that will help in market expansion in Jordan. YTJ will also contribute to MoDEE’s digital transformation vision to digitize most government services and support digital transformation of service delivery to citizens and businesses.

Social Media