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QuiqClaim is a Fintech P2P platform which enables health-care-providers (HCPs) to immediately collect their receivable claims from the multiple insurance companies, by providing financing solutions through third-party investors to cover HCPs claims immediately at a discounted value while receiving payback from insurance companies at a later time.

QuiqClaim works on factoring and applying immediate settlement technology by connecting 3 users in one place (The healthcare provider, the investor & insurance).


Shoofni has developed a mobile application that enables the job seeker to build a brief profile, and then record a 90 seconds video presenting herself/himself, skills, and professional experience.

The app is built with seamless user experience, and minimal data entry efforts.

On the other hand, Shoofni provides a web platform enabling recruiting organizations to post job openings; view applicants' profiles and videos; and track and manage applicants' profiles. That is in addition to many useful "ATS" features.

Knowledge Power Society (KPS)

KPS is a specialized Arab platform for human resources solutions and job seekers, through a package of electronic services provided to them.

The site contains many CVs of graduates, experiences and professionals through forms that can be filled out. It also contains forms for letters of interest and cover letters.


Kinz is the ultimate business tool empowering businesses to increase sales, eliminating waste and improving bottom line results. Established in 2009, Kinz combines an easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, built-in perpetual management reports, along with Jordan’s most accurate, complete and constantly updated corporate database which covers hundreds of thousands of entities and decision makers.

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