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Specialized IT Solutions


TRISMART group is a privately owned company that was established in Amman, Jordan, in 2001. It is a technology system integrator firm whose sole purpose is to serve the MENA markets with state-of-the-art system integration technology. TRISMART was rebranded in 2018 to offer enhanced physical security and IT, infrastructure, data center solutions.


Channelling business strategies and long-term goals, combined at NeoGenesis with locally rooted understanding to design bespoke technology systems that serve current business needs and enable leaders to translate their vision and set a path of innovation for their business, their team and their partners.

With strongly established partnerships with global tech providers and a flexible, adaptable mindset of problem solving and analysis, NeoGenesis delivers an ecosystem of technology, elegantly constructed to integrate with business processes and to respond to industry demands.

IT Security C&T

IT Security C&T was incorporated with the vision to be the leading information security and technology risk management resource center in the Middle East and North African Region.

IT Security C&T specializes in the delivery of affordable high-end information security and technology risk management services that are hard to find within the region at the same cost.

Digital Haze

Digital Haze is a cyber intelligence, cybersecurity, and fintech consultation and services company based in Jordan that serves both the public and private sectors.

With over 25 years of experience in the government, banking, and private sectors, Digital Haze has a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in integrating and managing complex solutions for the challenges of information assurance and critical infrastructure security.


IPass is a complete identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC/AML compliance solution.

IPass simplifies your verification process by providing genuinely worldwide coverage, increasing acceptance rates; even in emerging and unbanked jurisdictions.

Find the ideal combination between customer experience and compliance by using IPass.

Connection of Things

Connection of Things (CoT) is a Jordanian Company, specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT) services and technologies, and acts as your partner and enabler in building your IoT products and solutions by providing the needed knowledge, skills, know-how, best practices and partnerships that will put you ahead in digital transformation. CoT works hard to provide every customer with the development of successful, informed product and services strategies towards the identification of an optimal position in the IoT value chain and ecosystem.

Link Pro

Link Pro is one of the leading managed IT services companies in Jordan and has a team of highly qualified employees and certified network support engineers.

Quality Partners

Quality Partners™ is a leading consultancy firm, specializing in digital and sustainable transformation, software development process optimization, and quality/test management services. Since 2008, the company has helped over 110 organizations to evolve their digital capabilities constantly and seamlessly, from ideation and development to execution. Quality Partners™ specializes in optimizing Software Development Lifecycle Processes, including quality and test management practices to identify the correctness, completeness, and quality level of the software development lifecycle.

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