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WASM Weather

WASM is a weather technology company that is increasing the accuracy of weather data and forecasting in the MENA region.

The product is a SaaS web dashboard built for heads of operations and high level decision makers in public and private sectors. It provides them with an accurate Early Weather Alert System for anticipating heavy weather events that cause damage, disrupt business operations, and affect the bottom line.


VARARI creates innovative services and enables businesses to scale through developing solutions, partnerships, monetization and distribution. It aims to create a hub that implements innovative B2B and B2C solutions and technologies, connecting markets and adding value to communities and stakeholders. VARARI helps clients develop services, penetrate new markets and grow their customers.

Al-Fardthakh Tech and Data Science

Al Fardhakh Data Science is an attempt to create a specialized data science house rather than the traditional software house.

Al Fardhakh seeks to perfect the creation of useful data models, data storage, and data retrieval.

Having the traditional web development background enables Al Fardhakh to go beyond data, to harvesting knowledge and meaningful actions to correspond with the data.

User Testing Arabic

UserTestingArabic is a UX Research and Testing Platform that helps organizations and startups build products that users love.

UserTestingArabic helps you in understanding your customers’ needs, wants and expectations; in a fast, flexible and scale-able way.

The solution offered allows businesses to validate, test, benchmark and optimize any digital user interface at any stage; to build better digital experiences for their users by providing companies with user feedback videos, UX metrics, survey responses, user interviews and a full UX report.

Quality Partners

Quality Partners™ is an award-winning company, specialized in ICT quality management and testing.

The company’s mission is to help its clients build software products and services better and faster, by adopting the latest and best practice methodologies and frameworks; so they can have a competitive advantage in the local and global markets.

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