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SYNTAX is a unique kind of organism that’s not easy to classify.

Yet, it has a one-word answer when people ask about what it does; ‘design’.

If you understand the word ‘design’ as decoration, a bunch of colors and shapes, the latest style of fashion or even as another word for art, then you’d better flip the page.

SYNTAX’s understanding of design is ‘making life better and beautiful through curiosity, courage and craft’.

The curiosity of SYNTAX compels the team to ask the difficult questions: about your company, your culture, your products, your systems, your customers and your industry.

Courage means that SYNTAX puts forward ideas and strategies that defy the status quo of organizations, markets and industries.

And yes, the SYNTAX team are proud craftspeople. Wordsmiths, pixel wizards, coders, typographers, carpenters, 3D printing enthusiasts, photographers, builders and makers. That’s how the SYNTAX team turns ideas into well-crafted brands, products and communication for the real world.

But how does SYNTAX make life better and more beautiful? And what is it that it can do for you?

Whether building a brand, a product or even a company, SYNTAX puts people first; above corporate structures, management dogmas or institutional ego.

SYNTAX designs for people: customers, employees, learners, patrons, citizens, enthusiasts, young and old.

SYNTAX is comfortable in a world where every business, organization and government has to interact across the real and virtual worlds. Both worlds need to be designed to help people live productive, fulfilling and dignified lives.

And regardless what industry or field SYNTAX works in, the company never forgets that, ultimately, all people live together in communities, from the very local to the very global. SYNTAX wants its work to improve its communities and contexts.

That’s how design can help in making lives better and creating beautiful futures.

This approach to design can make anything happen. But typically, SYNTAX delivers work under the three broad umbrellas of Venture DNA, Brand Engineering and Experience Orchestration.

Under Venture DNA, SYNTAX helps entrepreneurs imagine new companies and business models that define or redefine market categories, from food-service to tech, and from financial services to activism.

Under Brand Engineering, SYNTAX builds and re-builds magnetic brands, by connecting companies, organizations, cities and destinations to their souls, overcoming identity crises and crafting unifying and differentiating communication platforms.

Under Experience Orchestration, SYNTAX helps create engaging environments for retail, culture and education, impactful events, workspaces and mobile and web products, blending together spaces, stories and services to create real or virtual places where people like to congregate and hang out.

Since 1998, it’s been a journey with a growing family of clients, partners and team members. So join the family, and don’t forget to bring a cool design challenge with you.

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