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Tamatem Games is a Jordanian mobile games publisher and developer that partners with international game developers around the world to localize and bring international games to the Arabic-speaking world.

Tamatem Games is the leading mobile games publisher in the Middle East & North Africa market.

Tamatem has published more than 50 games since its foundation in 2013, including its four main games which are VIP Baloot, VIP Jalsat, Fashion Queen, and Clash of Empire.


Kaleela is an Arabic app designed to fit the needs of any non-native speaker who wishes to learn Arabic online; available for both Android and iOS. The app comes in a variety of languages which are English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese.

The Modern Standard Arabic courses available (commonly known as Fusha) are designed to teach non-natives the foundation of Arabic language, regardless whether the student has any prior knowledge of Arabic or not.


GSR is an Arabic word meaning “Bridge”. GSRApp is a B2B marketing tool , which helps distribution companies to communicate with the retail market directly through one mobile application to create a bridge with current customers, by one click with low cost.

GSRApp is a marketing solution for companies, through a digital platform, that helps them to connect their own customer; with the possibility to divide the lists by region, delegate or sales volume.

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