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Beecell is a leading Digital Media company which produces, packages, publishes and markets Digital Media products and services.

By having direct mobile operator connectivity in 20 countries, Beecell is able to reach over 270 million mobile subscribers.

As time-to-market is one of the most important aspects of offering any new service, Beecell is able to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.

Beecell, along with its subsidiaries Apprikot and Tomandora, is able to provide a variety of services including Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), Content Management and Aggregation, Service Delivery Platform (SDP), Content Management System (CMS), Digital Content Production, 2D & 3D Animations – TV Production, Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android) and Mobile Advertising. Beecell partnerships with Mobile Network Operators allow it to interact with end consumers through the operator’s network.

Distinguished as a win-win partnership; value added services increases the mobile operator’s ARPU and offers the end consumer valuable information and interactive services.

Additionally, Beecell offers an end-to-end solution including aggregation and the complete outsourcing of the management of value added services.

For content owners and producers, Beecell offers several ways to monetize content. Whether it is through the traditional SMS or MMS subscription based services, or through the creation of mobile applications, content owners can create new revenue streams and interact with their consumers directly.

On the corporate and governmental levels, value added services offer many solutions that enable entities to better communicate and interact with their customers. Corporations, governments and banks can enhance their service offerings and offer more convenient ways for their customers to use their services.

Corporate services include mobile application development, sending information and advertisement messages to customers, interacting with customers through two-way interactive solutions that allows for customer feedback, surveys, or provisioning of services.

Mobile advertising has been growing dramatically over the past few years. Today, it represents a major advertising medium for all products and services.

Advertisers can use mobile advertising for brand awareness and introduce a “call for action” in their advertisements, increasing sales and revenues in the process. To complement, Beecell also offers a wide variety of mobile advertising solutions including profiled bulk SMS broadcasts andmobile applications dedicated to advertising.

To the end consumer, whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet user, Beecell services offer convenient and innovative ways to receive valuable and entertaining information and to interact with many service offerings anytime, anywhere.

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