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Aspire is an IT Services provider serving global markets from its home base in Amman, Jordan, since 2002.

Aspire continues to assist web and mobile giants in a variety of business spaces to achieve higher levels of quality and cost efficiency while empowering their digital transformation journey.

Aspire’s team of 450+ professionals partner with primarily US and global clients to deliver a frictionless customer experience to more than 100M global online users.

Aspire’s highly qualified IT consultants work in a range of areas in traditional and emerging technologies including Digital Transformation, Digital Commerce, Quality Engineering and Assurance, Cloud technologies and so on.

Over the past two decades Aspire has maintained a flexible, stable and diverse workforce (>42% Female) and cross cultural representation, with a very high proportion of local talent, supplemented by international experts on an ongoing basis.

Aspire continues to be committed to delivering its best to its clients as well as ensuring the wellbeing of the team, consultants and contributors.

Aspire has consistently and consciously built its teams for enhanced value delivery. Almost all of Aspire’s existing client-base is relationship based, being offered a spectrum of services. Aspire has focused on building trusted and committed delivery channels for its clients.

Aspire supports a variety of web based and digital enterprises focusing on seven main service offerings which are Agile and Scaled Project Management, DevOps, Digital Support Services, Software Testing & Automation, Software Engineering, Data Engineering & Reporting and Digital Consulting Services.

The Digital Consulting services practice (, which is co-located in India and Jordan, was soft-launched last year as part of Aspire’s evolution into a Full-Service Technology company providing consulting services in digital strategy and architecture, tech sourcing, cyber risk advisory, agile, and quality consulting.

In collaboration with its niche partners, Aspire is further enhancing its exposure to newer disruptive technologies including Process Automation, Data & Analytics, AI & ML, Cyber Security, IOT etc. This is just to continue the journey towards technology excellence in sync with the evolving market needs.

Aspire’s premier upskilling facility, EPIC Academy, provides specialized Software Engineering, Test Automation and Platform Operations courses designed by a team of competent engineers with many years of hands-on experience in the market. The purpose is to equip fresh graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to kickstart and advance their careers in the IT industry. In addition to these programs for fresh graduates, Aspire also offers upskilling and reskilling programs for experienced engineers to help them stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and market trends.

Working with its global list of prestigious clientele has provided Aspire with insightful knowledge and substantial expertise to enable you with high quality technology services for your digital transformation journey, as well as to support you in other areas of synergy.

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Healthcare & Wellness, Banking and Finance, Media (traditional/ digital), Government & Public Sector, Retail and Consumer, Telecom, Insurance, Travel and Leisure, Education, Pharma, Cryptocurrency.

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