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Crystel is positioned as a leading multilingual contact center providing a full range of outsourcing solutions such as Customer Support, Sales and Marketing, Intelligence, Research and Data Management, Back Office and Training to clients worldwide; allowing them to decrease operating costs, increase profits, attain measurable business results and enhance customers’ relationships.

Crystel’s backbone is dependent on its highly experienced professionals that help manage its clients’ needs in a highly professional manner while adhering to the highest quality standards. In addition, the company adopts the world’s most innovative solutions, state-of-the-art IP technologies and proven strategies to optimize customer relationships in an outsourcing solution.

Crystel achieved unparalleled recognition at an international level by winning various awards including its most recent accomplishments “Best Reporting & Processes” award for the years in 2017, 2011 and 2010; “Best Internally Developed Application of the year 2016”; “Middle East Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016” award; in addition to “Genesys Best Use of Technology in Outsourcing 2016”.

In 2011, Crystel also accomplished Tier I & Tier II certification of the SPOT Performance Maturity Model, becoming one of the first companies to achieve this worldwide certification; highlighting Crystel as a global leader in the contact center industry.

Furthermore, Crystel has successfully achieved the UN Women Gender Equity Seal Accreditation in the year 2013 highlighting Crystel as an equal opportunity employer in the Middle East region.

Crystel is building outsourcing relationships that are evolving into strategies for its clients to stay ahead of competition. By leveraging Crystel’s world-class infrastructure and expertise, your company can additionally minimize project risks and improve time-to-market; helping your company achieve competitive advantage, growth and the desirable image.

Crystel value proposition features an in-depth customer experience definition, clients’ strategy development, and script development and training. As a first step, Crystel conducts a thorough audit of every customer interaction through the lifecycle of service delivery. This includes defining target customers, the environment, the brand, and the infrastructure.

Crystel also utilizes specialized consulting methodologies for strategy development, process optimization, and outsourcing decision support. Crystel develops detailed scripts customized to the client’s specific needs and customized for each service or product.

The company also prepares thorough training materials and provides agents with a comprehensive training program that includes – but is not limited to – customer service, communication, phone etiquette, and complaint handling skills.

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