Jordan Business Systems (JBS)

JBS’s roots come from a partnership with some of the world’s most renowned and respected names in the IT industry.

As a Business Partner of IBM, Cisco, Diebold and Lenovo in Jordan and Palestine, JBS was formed in April, 2005, as a continuation of more than 20 years of ICT operations to meet the emerging demands of economies for development.

JBS is part of Midis Group, which is the largest IT group in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. It is this key relationship that leverages over 30 years of excellent exposure and financial strength.

As a result, JBS’s portfolio has grown into a client base of over 100 enterprises from the region’s most sought after companies from diverse industries. Since its inception, JBS has worked diligently to understand the special demands every client requires from a project.

Throughout the years, JBS has managed to earn the trust and respect of a long list of satisfied clients. Empowered by dedicated professionals, JBS has supplied world-class technologies and exceptional services to a multitude of business and large enterprises, enabling mission-critical applications from core systems to multi-channel solutions to run without flaws.

JBS also caters to customers through its After-Sales-Service program, with decisive maintenance plans that enable and support systems throughService Level Agreements with 24x7 coverage.

JBS has a renowned team dedicated to after sales services for all JBS products sold under warranty.

Services include installation and implementation, various warranty services, maintenance and support. The professional services department handles all requests with streamlined efficiency. The services team also handles all inquiries and support for all JBS software solutions provided to customers. These high-tech solutions are specialized to meet the needs of each individual business serviced and continuing support from the professional services team leverages your business’s ability to compete in today’s knowledge based economy.

JBS growth and diversification has been backed up by constant exploration for solutions to the challenges of local and regional clients. JBS has established a solid foundation of success and continues to build on that groundwork. As JBS continues to grow, it remains committed to providing innovative IT solutions to contribute to the economic growth of Jordan and the region.

JBS looks forward to satisfy even more clients and to continue to build client relationships spanning regional recognition.

In today’s age of increasing sophistication in the information technology arena, JBS has emerged as a leader. Financial institutions, the government, telecommunications and other industries have recognized JBS as a highly skilled and supportive organization, which can draw on global expertise from its partners at any time. As a result, JBS has earned recognition for its ability to deliver industry solutionsto challenges that were previously turned down by the competition.
With its knowledgeable, skilful, versatile and reliable organization, it is no wonder that JBS has provided services and solutions to over 100 major enterprises in the local and regional markets through its operational offices, which are located in Jordan, Amman and Palestine, Ramallah.

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