Specialized Technical Services (STS)

Since its establishment in 1989, STS has positioned itself as a key player in the revolutionary transformation of the IT sector. With around 350 certified staff members possessing more than 2000 certificates, STS has also managed to achieve the highest level of partnership status from the world’s most renowned vendors.

STS provides top of the line technology solutions at an exemplary level of service in various fields of technology including Electronic Payment Solutions and Services and Digital Payment Solutions and Services.

STS Infrastructure Solutions and Services has contributed to transforming the way companies operate by enabling them to achieve peak performances and efficiency through IT infrastructure as they strive to meet their business objectives.

STS has also extended its offerings by providing their clients with Security Solutions. The two main areas that STS specializes in are Information Security and Network Security.

Software Products and Solutions provide both Software Solutions and Consulting and Outsourcing services. STS’ team of experts is equipped with CMMi Level 3 certification to ensure optimal standards as far as clients are concerned. STS provides consulting and outsourcing in the fields of Process Standardization, Enterprise Architecture and Quality Functional Areas.

Software Products and Solutions operates as a long lasting partner with IBM and Microsoft. The software department grew by delivering turnkey projects to its clients in the MENA region, offering state-ofthe art solutions and high quality services; which has paved the way to gaining several awards from IBM and Microsoft for distinction and quality of service.

STS has recently introduced the innovative STS Cloud, a pioneering hybrid cloud platform in Jordan, offering in-country cloud-computing services that boost flexibility and functionality. The STS Cloud has been built to suit your business’ diverse needs; offering a cost efficient platform that takes advantage of the safest security protocols.

This latest innovation and adoption of the digital transformation cements STS’ position as an industry leader among other IT service providers.

STS PayOne is a leading processor and provider of e-Payment solutions. The company serves clients spanning various industries in MEA region (Banking, Oil & Gas,Government, Telecommunications and Wholesaling/Retail). Utilizing its in-house developed technology, STS PayOne delivers mission critical, PCI compliant enterprise-scale solutions. STS PayOne offers greater flexibility, convenience, security and potential savings.

In its long history, STS has one of the best track records in the industry having been a trend setter by adopting the latest technologies while innovating with in-house developed state-of-the-art solutions. STS takes pride in its experience and know-how and will always strive to keep building this knowledge base and expertise to ensure the full satisfaction of its clients while maintaining its solid position at the top of the IT industry. To summarize, the STS four pillars and their offerings are Infrastructure Solutions and Services, Software Products and Solutions, Electronic Payment Solutions & Services and STS Cloud.

The STS Cloud offerings include Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), CRM as a Service (SugarCRM), Performance Monitoring as a Service and SaaS Productivity Bundles.

Infrastructure Solutions and Services include Enterprise Solutions, Network and Convergence Solutions, Security Management Solutions, Business Solutions, End User Management Solutions, Business Productivity Solutions and Microsoft Licensing.

Software Products and Solutions include ComplyOne Technology Suite of products, Services & Business Solution and Consulting & Outsourcing Services.

Digital Payment Solutions & Services include PayOne Gateway, PayOne ezGov and PayOne Fawter Online.

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• Staff Certificates: 2000+
• Number of Projects: 1000+
• Long-lasting Enterprise Clients/ Partners: 400 +