Al Faris National Investment Group (Optimiza)

On any given day, tens of thousands of people and hundreds of entities across the MENA region benefit fromthe innovative technology solutions that Optimiza has been privileged to integrate for its clients.

With focused intellectual capital that spans multiple industry sectors- health, government, large enterprise, financial services, telecommunications and education, and backed with over 35 years of operational experience and hundreds of high quality projects delivered, Optimiza empowers organizations to get more out of technology-integrating technology solutions that make a difference.

Optimiza helps organizations to better navigate through their digital transformation journeys. Understanding key business drivers, the company helps organizations overcome their toughest challenges with innovative business and technology solution implementations - deploying optimal software and applications and the underlying technology infrastructure to support them.

Optimiza’s roots go back to 1983 when the Computer & Engineering Bureau (CEB) was established. It was in 2006, however, that Optimiza did to the ICT sector in Jordan what the company does today with its valuable clients – it pulled together 9 of the leading technology solutions providers and integrated them into one “optimized” entity. The new merged organization, the Al-Faris National Investment and Export Co (ASE:CEBC), operating under the trade name Optimiza, was launched.Optimiza’s vision, to become one of the leading Systems Integration houses throughout the MENA region, was then introduced to the region at GITEX 2007. The formula uses a highly skilled “kitchen” at the Jordan headquarters to cater to opportunities thought the region.

Some may argue that Optimiza’s trade name comes as a result of the ambitious merger of a number of companies specialized in management consulting, IT solutions and services, training and outsourcing, while the Optimiza team looks at the name as a reflection of its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Optimiza works directly and through partners to serve every major city in the region. This, in addition to extensive partnerships with global consulting and technology companies, provides Optimiza with the unique ability to tailor each solution to local needs and requirements.

Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing, and Human Capital Development are the four main service areas that could meet the varying needs of any organizations. Optimiza made them the foundation of its services offering, and prides itself on being able to deliver the highest quality in each of them.

The leading-edge technology offerings by Optimiza, whether rooted in software applications, hardware, or a combination of the two, provide clients with optimized solutions.

Additionally, Optimiza’s IP solutions cover a wide spectrum of sectors and provide clients with highly secure, user-friendly, versatile, and seamless systems in a variety of work areas.

The one thing to remember? Optimiza is a leading, regional technology system integration and digital transformation solutions provider focused on serving its clients’ pursuit of operational excellence and profitability.

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