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Imagine Technologies

Imagine Technologies is an award-winning one-stop shop for building, managing and amplifying digital assets for organizations. The company helps its clients achieve maximum performance across all the digital channels including web, mobile, social and messaging platforms. What sets Imagine Technologies apart is a suite of innovative solutions built to ensure that clients thrive through their digital presence and capture the opportunities the Internet has to offer, coupled with a team of engineers and marketing experts with over 16 years of experience in the digital sphere.


Tqween is an outstanding design agency that assists companies to innovate and design better online products, mobile apps, websites and to rethink their brand and identity.

Tqween helps partners focus and achieve their goals using an array of digital products and online strategy that enable businesses to express their values.

As a sister company of Startappz, Tqween specializes in designing digital experiences for leading brands by communicating their unique offering and making solid differentiation for their brand in rapidly-changing markets.


Vardot is an enterprise web solutions provider that uses Drupal and open technologies to help the world’s influential organizations accomplish their missions.

Since foundation, Vardot used the opportunity to apply its knowledge and expertise building websites and online software to a wide range of industries including higher education, governments, NGOs, media and publishing, financial services, technology, travel and tourism, and more.


Gridberry designs and develops websites, mobile/web applications, and effective fully customized web solutions. The company takes care of all your online needs and aims to build digital assets that will proactively serve your business and generate a positive Return Of Investment.

Based in Amman, Jordan, Gridberry has provided industry leading results to its clients across the Middle East through an experience in managing technology projects, from selecting tools and platforms, to implementing information technology solutions.


dot.jo is a leading Jordanian firm specialized in providing top-notch digital services to clients in Jordan and across the region.

The company’s mission is to build solid and long term partnerships with its clientele by providing full and comprehensive digital solutions including website design and development, mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing.


SYNTAX designs experiences. Memorable, engaging, informative, useful experiences that help people learn, play, buy, sell, publish, talk, connect and live. That’s how great brands are built today. That’s how people’s lives can be enriched.

Media Plus

Media Plus is an independent digital agency that specializes in delivering consistent and memorable user experiences across interactive multimedia applications, website design and development, and animation. Media Plus is an award winning multimedia company that goes the extra mile in fulfilling client needs. Its innovative team provides state-of-the-art web apps and multimedia solutions following the latest IT and
project management best practices.

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