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Startappz ‘sta:tæpz’ is a specialized house of expertise for smart technologies, which partners with leading telecom operators, government organizations, banks and airlines.

Startappz managed to acquire and retain world-class talent in design, marketing and engineering to digitally transform businesses by offering the best user experience, technology and digital marketing strategy and execution.

Startappz is a regional player with leading partners including Virgin Mobile, Dubai Smart overnment, Ministry of Interior (UAE), HSBC, Saudi Ministry of Health, STC, Saudi Airlines, Mobily, Saudi Royal Court and many more.

Startappz has also launched its own products including Haddaf, Selfcare Tool, CVM.

Haddaf™ is a leading app for football fans in Arabia. Users receive all the latest football news including live scores, results, highlights and more from the Premier League, Champions League and all international competitions. Users can also gain points, badges, virtual items and prizes by predicting game results.

Autopilot™ is a Selfcare Tool for leading telecoms around the world to improve customer experience, whereby users have the ability to manage their account, balances, transactions and history. It’s a personal self-care platform.

On the other hand, telecoms are empowered with a dynamic CMS to stay in full control of the customer journey offered within the app.

Infinity™ is a dynamic Customer Value Management (CVM) for outstanding businesses that assists the marketing team to run robust smart campaigns with automation in achieving marketing goals as (retention, acquisition, cross selling and upselling ...etc.). The marketing campaigns run on multiple channels (push notifications, SMS and emails). Infinity™ uses a Measure-Manage-Maximize approach that
helps clients achieve their marketing goals and optimize marketing expenditures.

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Regional Offices

• Dubai - United Arab Emirates:
Tel.: +971-4-5897266.
• Riyadh - Saudi Arabia:
Tel.: +966-54-6584539.
• Istanbul – Turkey:
Tel.: +90-541-5150427.

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