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Realsoft advanced applications

REALSOFT began its journey in 2002 with registered branch offices in Jordan and Oman.

REALSOFT started as a small business in the field of information technology services and solutions. The company continued to grow bigger and more experienced in the Digital Transformation and Data Management fields. It has accelerated the growth of business and depth of support in the field of IT solutions and system integrations.

REALSOFT now represents a huge milestone in the Digital Transformation and Data Management fields in the region, combined with professionalism and high quality. This is a combo that sums up years of experience, hard work, and dedication all together.

REALSOFT has been a long-term trusted partner for governments, municipalities, banks, telecom, utilities business and NGOs in the Middle East region since 2002; working closely with its clients allows REALSOFT to act in their best interest over the long term.

The company has a proven range of combined technical knowledge and experience, timely response, and cost-efficient services and solutions in the domains of Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, Statistical Solutions, Data Management and Analytics, Mobile Applications and Field Inspections.

In Outsourcing, REALSOFT experts pride themselves by working with clients to transfer their expertise as well as ensuring their solutions meet the clients’ needs. With a wide client base of customers from different countries, REALSOFT can boast an in-depth knowledge of the latest technology developments and trends.

Regarding Digital Transformation, REALSOFT is acknowledged as a trusted partner for the different governments in the Middle East region. REALSOFT is proud to be one of the leading partners of Jordan’s e-Government program, through full digitalizing of the e-Services of six of the biggest government entities in Jordan

In Statistical Solutions, REALSOFT is leading modern trends in this field, with innovative solutions that make the long and stressful statistical process an easy and more effective process; through integrating the latest technologies and getting rid of paperwork to fit in response to the clients’ high expectations.

REALSOFT provides a comprehensive set of Data Management and Analytics solutions, with extensive experience in Data Governance, Data Warehouse/Data Lake, Data Mining, Data Integration, Data Analytics and Visualization, and many other data services.

Regarding Mobile Applications, ever since it developed the world’s first PDA based Population and Dwelling Census for the Sultanate of Oman in 2003, REALSOFT and MobiSoft have successfully endeavored into various verticals including e-Services, Census and Surveys, Municipal, Sales and Retail, Marketing, Inspections and GIS. With utilized synchronization, digital maps, and other modern technologies. REALSOFT aims to develop the best innovations.

REALSOFT Field Inspections solutions vary between specialist systems for tourism, labor, buildings, food safety, and violations inspection software. An integration of customizable solutions based on digital maps and can accommodate customer’s particular preferences and expectations. These solutions can be either desktop applications or mobile applications.

REALSOFT owns several readymade components and accelerators that were built during previous implemented projects. These include Al-Khawarizmi which is a dynamic survey platform for capturing respondent’s attentions; Ada’a task management where your tasks, projects, operations, teams, strategies and Ad-hoc work are tracked and managed in a single platform; RealCustoms is a Customs Business Intelligence software enabling sustainable decisions based trusted facts; Data Portal is a dynamic platform that enables the data dissemination through web to multiple users, providing data visualization and pivoting through multiple interfaces; Dynamic Work Flow Engine is easily configured through metadata, providing the ability to build multiple business processes management; and E-Publication is a data integration platform providing multiple options to manage and perform data integration across multiple connectors with any type of data source.

REALSOFT can be measured in numbers as it has an experience of 20 years with more than 250 successful projects and over a hundred happy, satisfied clients in over the 13 countries it operates in; and the REALSOFT portfolio is continuously expanding in the number of services, business partners and products. The headcount at the company has grown nearly twenty-fold, with a team that has more than 100 loyal members.


• Ada’a (tasks and operations management)
• Al-Khawarizmi (dynamic survey platform)
• Workflow Engine (dynamic workflow engine)
• Data Portal (data and metadata exchange)


• UAE Office
Ajman – UAE, Tel: +971 562306923
• Oman Office
Muscat – Oman, Tel: +968 99448078

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