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Pioneers Information Technologies Co. LTD (Pio-Tech)

PIO-TECH believes in technology for a better world.

PIO-TECH is known as an innovation hub that provides effective and creative banking solutions, which serve the banking sector’s digital transformation and business acceleration across Levant, GCC, North Africa, East Africa.

PIO-TECH was established in 2003 with a small, dynamically motivated team that set to shape and inspire the Jordanian tech scope, fueled by far-reaching ambitions regionally and internationally. The founding stones of working with sheer integrity paved the way for trustful ties with valuable clients, hence granting the company a firm, exclusive stand as a market leader in the banking solutions and technology fields.

PIO-TECH has combined years of extensive banking experience along with solid knowledge of related modern technologies. PIO-TECH provides banks with a crystal-clear vision around potential opportunities, as well as possible threats, which enhances the decision-making process and leads to assets safeguarding, business prosperity and sustainable growth.

PIO-TECH is considered to be a leader of Digital Transformation and Business Acceleration in the banking Industry. With strong presence and operations in 19 countries around the world, PIO-TECH has been helping its clients win their platform transformation strategies for the past 19 years. The strong entrepreneurial spirit of PIOTECH is always aiming to bring real value and observable differences to local and global financial markets, expanding its operations and services in many countries across the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia. Eventually, this made PIO-TECH products one of the main flagships in the banking industry.

PIO-TECH 's vision is “We believe in technology with strong human values to better serve our clients, develop our employees, and improve the living standards within our communities". PIO-TECH 's center of focus has always been in the Banking Sector. The company entrepreneurial team spirit delivers innovative solutions enabling the banking sector digital platform transformation. PIO-TECH offers its clients a range of products based on the three main value propositions targeting the most important assets of any bank which are Digital for Leadership, Digital for Business and Digital for People.

In Digital for Leadership, PIO-TECH offers a group of business suites that are specifically designed for the bank leadership team. The solutions range from performance management suites that gives the leadership a full view of the organization's operations, cloud analytical cockpit, all the way to virtual C level assistant that can perform any tasks and fetch any reports the executive asks for by writing or even verbally.

Digital for Business focuses more on the banker’s business and back end operations, whereby PIO-TECH offers a wide range of business platforms such as Financial Crime and Compliance Suite, Islamic and Conventional Modules, Risk Management suite, AML and Regulatory Reporting suite. These platforms, modules and suites help the bank operate with more efficiency, and ensure that the bank is protected by means of automating all the tasks.

Regarding the Digital for People value proposition, it focuses on the bank clients and the bank’s employees, by providing solutions that ensure business process excellence which increases the employee’s productivity; and on the client's side delivering a unique user experience on both physical and virtual channels. Solutions and suites include Customer Relationship Management suite, Digital Channels suite, Virtual/ Portable branches suite, Loans Origination suite, and client’s Next Best Offer engine.

All of these solutions are empowered by cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, and AI, to ensure that they bring the highest value to the client at all times. These solutions are part of the original platforms families designed and built by bankers and technology scientists at PIO-TECH for the banking sector Bank-BI platform, and Bank-BPM platform.

PIO-TECH solutions are certified on a number of cloud environments such as SAP HANA Marketplace, Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Microsoft Azure. Both platforms and business suites, Bank- BI® and Bank-BPM®, are available as SAAS instances on the cloud and deployed either fully-cloud or as a hybrid model.

Digital transformation is key to improving your productivity, enhancing operations, maintaining business continuity and profitability. Bank-BI Platorm and supporting platforms, such as Customer Engagement Platform and “The Channel Delivery” layer, employ AI aided Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Advanced Analytics which are specifically designed to help your bank realize total digital transformation and sustainability.

PIO-TECH provides a very wide range of products that cover all of the bank’s operations and ensure the sustainable growth and success for its clients using technology. For the full list of products, please visit www.PIO-TECH. com.

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Certifications and Awards

• Technology Solution Providers for MEA – 2018.
• Most Innovative Business Solutions Provider 2019 – Middle East & Africa.
• Oracle Cloud Certified.
• Best run partner for SAP Co-Innovation.
• SAP® Recognized Expertise in Business Intelligence.
• Best IT Solution Provider in East Africa by the Global Banking and Finance Review.
• Best IT Solution Provider in Jordan by the Global Banking and Finance Review.
• SAP® Integration Certification for Bank- BI®.
• Most Innovative Banking Solutions Provider - Jordan 2021.
• Most Effective and Creative Banking Solutions Provider – Jordan 2021.

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