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Mobileznation is a Jordan-based software Key Staff development house specializing in developing customized mobile applications and in providing app-related services, catering to both enterprises
and individuals, with a focus on entrepreneurial projects.

Mobileznation was established in 2011, with the help of dedicated young professionals aiming to make a difference in the mobile industry, by providing affordable, comprehensive and innovative solutions that cover the needs of all business types and sizes. The company’s aim is to tailor its client’s needs and business requirements into a fully built digital solution that offers flexibility, creativity, enhanced efficiency, functionality and personality to their businesses.

Mobileznation specializes in start-ups advisory and has a rich history of entrepreneurial support, as it is the technology partner and consultant for more than ten start-ups in various industries. \Mobileznation has also seed-funded a bundle of startups; targeting various market segments including home and office maintenance services, the healthcare sector, travel and tourism, beauty care, and a Q&A social platform all of which are major milestones that have been achieved.

Moreover, on the enterprise level, Mobileznation is the development partner of several major companies such as the Medlabs Group, the Arab Potash, the Euro Arab Insurance, the Jordan Electricity Company and many more.

Mobileznation will provide the needed recommendations and technical consultations based on research and competence with one aim in mind; to assist its clients and partners in gaining competitive advantage by leveraging mobile technology. With experience dating back to the inception of the mobile industry in Arabia, entrusting Mobileznation with your next mobile endeavor means you have placed your project in
the hands of mobile and market experts.

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