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Anticipating the MENA region’s needs in HR management, Menaitech developed in 2003 what remains the leading Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) in the Middle East and North Africa to this day. With the use of the latest technologies, it offers affordable and comprehensive smart solutions that manage all HR and payroll operations through quick and easy steps, driving business growth and enhancing corporate productivity.

Today, Menaitech provides cloud-based solutions to over 3500 customers across 19 countries, serving 2 million users in businesses in different industries from rising startups to multinational enterprises.

The mission of Menaitech is to provide top-quality HR turnkey solutions. These are comprehensive systems for HR functions such as personnel management, talent acquisition and onboarding, training and development, succession planning, and much more. Through the Menaitech system, you have AI, a chat bot, and advanced services to use wherever, whenever-on your smartphone or laptop, in the office, or on the go.

Menaitech took the lead in integrating localized rules and regulations and respecting local cultural values, automatically applying tax and official requirements to meet each country’s specific needs. Menaitech guides you with the best business practices and helps you put every step into action, with dual-language, currency, and payroll tax calculation options, all while complying with local laws. With Menaitech’s cloud-based solutions, data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, automating and digitizing HR processes and helping HR departments focus on achieving business goals.

MenaHR®, Menaitech’s comprehensive HRMS, digitizes HR functions and streamlines communication in real time, allowing for data collection and analysis, thus increasing efficiency. Working side-by-side with MenaHR® is Curio®, Menaitech’s talent management solution, which identifies needed and available talent, manages all stages of career path and succession planning, training and development, performance appraisal, and more.

MenaPAY® is a localized payroll and personnel solution, which automates core payroll functions based on varying countries, languages, currencies, and compliance policies.

MenaME® is Menaitech’s manager and employee self-service solution. It is an online portal that allows them to access HR-related information, request services, and to interact, promoting workforce experience and engagement.

The MenaME-Plus+® mobile app provides a channel for manager and employee communication and collaboration with their HR departments. In addition, managers can view requests and keep track of employee information, reports, and analytics to make better business decisions.

MenaTA® is a time and attendance solution, which enables employees to request leaves and promptly punch in and out through a location feature on their mobile phones and also allows HR teams to accurately create employee schedules, monitor attendance and approve and track leaves and vacations.
MenaExplorer® is Menaitech’s multidimensional organizational analytics platform, which simplifies the collection of data, transforming them into valuable analytics that support strategic decision-making.

Mena360® is a feedback platform that includes all members of a corporation in the assessment process. Evaluation makes all aware of strengths and weaknesses and allows for strategic improvement of the pool of talents needed for a business.

MenaSME® is the first Lite HRMS on the cloud that functions in Arabic. Suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it contains all the core features of an HR system.

Menaitech’s Outsourcing Service, powered by SOURCEitHR®, allows clients to outsource full payroll and HR cycles.

SMEs can benefit from Menaitech’s state-of-the-art products and services without breaking the bank using Freemium®. This is a completely free-of-charge payroll and personnel system for companies with 10 employees or less, operating on the latest cloud technology with hosted online applications. You can access your Freemium account ‘on the go’. Freemium helps you stay compliant with your country’s labor and tax laws, filter employee data for accurate reporting, streamline workflow, and so much more! 

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