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Operating with more than 1500 talented employees, over 31 years of experience, supporting customers in 10 different languages, Estarta Solutions helps the world’s leading companies and organizations better manage their businesses through a wide range of services including Professional Network Services and Solutions, Specialized Outsourcing, Innovative Turnkey Products, and Technical Training.

In Professional Network Services and Solutions, Estarta offers a diverse array of professional services and advanced solutions that leverage Cisco technologies to help clients better manage their networks and to achieve maximum utilization of their ICT resources.

Regarding Specialized Outsourcing, Estarta provides end-to-end global outsourcing solutions (offshore and onsite). Services and solutions are delivered to optimize clients’ effectiveness through the proper mixof internal staff, outside consulting, and project outsourcing. Estarta’s success is based on attracting, developing and retaining the best technical talent.

Innovative Turnkey Products from Estarta Research and Development capabilities offer practical and cost-effective solutions. Estarta’s products enable clients to maximize their business performance by providing them with the appropriate solutions that help them overcome challenges they may face to efficiently achieve their ultimate satisfaction.

Estarta’s investment in Technical Training programs stems from valuing its staff and focusing on their development, where the company continuously works on advancing knowledge and sharpening skills to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies, methodologies and the best practices.

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