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When BMB Group started in 1995, broadband was not available. Since then, BMB has evolved to become a leader in the world of Information and Communication Technology.

BMB is a full solution provider and a global advisor working with top rated technology partners to empower businesses and organizations, through the finest quality of custom-made IT solutions. With over 400 employees, BMB Group now operates 17 offices in the Middle East, Africa and Europe; serving more than 3,000 industry-leading customers across all verticals.

BMB’s technologies and services include IoT, Enterprise Networking, Data Center, Cloud Solutions, Security, Collaboration, Managed & Professional services, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Intelligent Automation, Metaverse, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Sales Force Automation, Warehouse Management and Field Service.

A part of the BMB Group, BMB Jordan has been operating in the country for more than 13 years. The mission of BMB Jordan is to serve customers across multiple market sectors with technological solutions from the core to the edge of the organization.

In Jordan, BMB focuses on the connected Enterprise approach where by its offering is delivered across all layers of the organization ensuring that the digital transformation journey is achieved. BMB offer its solutions and services to multiple customers and sectors in the market. In addition to that, and as a leader in offering cybersecurity solutions and services, BMB has managed to help and support its customers in protecting their environments from cybercrime, sabotage, fraud and theft. To that end, BMB has invested in its local employees to ensure that it holds the highest levels of certifications in the solutions offered, allowing it to consistently and expertly support its clients. 

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