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The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan ([email protected]), founded in 2000, is a membership-based ICT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) industry advocacy, support and networking association.

[email protected] serves as the collective voice of the industry, advocating on behalf of its stakeholders and seeks to maximize the contribution of the ICT sector towards the national economy. [email protected] aims to provide the ICT sector in Jordan with the tools required to ensure continued growth and expansion.

Providing the highest value to the ICT Sector, [email protected] works in the following areas:

Business Enabling Environment: Working with policy decision makers and various stakeholders to improve and reform the ICT ecosystem.
Digital Economy & ICT Demand: Leveraging the culture of the digital economy as an engine of growth in Jordan.
Human Capital: Improving the skills of professionals working in the ICT sector and bridging the gap between academia outcome and the industry.
Access to Markets: Increasing Jordan’s ICT products and services penetration in Local, Regional and International markets.
Access to Finance: Advocating and working with financial institutions to develop financial products tailored to ICT companies.
Entrepreneurship & Start-ups: Enabling entrepreneurship and innovation as well as empowering the startup and SMEs to grow their contribution to the economy.






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