VTEL Jordan

VTEL, wholly owned by VTEL Holdings, is a leading regional Internet provider based in Jordan, offering the best fiber-optic data connections and amazingly fast Internet services to the wholesale, corporate and residential market.

The company was established and started its operations in 2008. Since then, it never ceased to earn customers’ loyalty through bringing the latest innovations in telecommunications right into their business.

As business grows and needs change, VTEL designs its services to be long-term solutions with scalable features that allow connectivity speed to be modified and customized according to the needs and requirements of any business.

The company prides itself on offering a state-of-the-art fiberbased infrastructure accentuated with the latest technological tools for assorted business enterprises to enjoy ultra high speed and secure connectivity solutions.

Besides, it offers Microwave Technology to the emerging markets in which fiber is not available or reachable, or as an alternative solution to expensive line leasing services.

With a mission to help its valued customers run businesses efficiently, VTEL constantly provides them the most reliable, high-speed and highly secure broadband connectivity as well as value added ICT services, leaving every single client satisfied that their expectations are met - that’s the responsibility VTEL holds and this is the value it is committed to.

VTEL is determined to always enhance clients’ experiences using the latest innovations in telecommunications.

Today, the company’s services cover almost all business areas in Jordan, with one goal – delivering secure and highly protected voice and data transmission of businesses.

Moreover, it aims at becoming the regional focal point connecting Jordan to the rest of the world and the international wholesale provider serving neighbor countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, KSA and part of the Gulf area.

Since its inception, VTEL has been seeking to build profound and mutually rewarding business relationships with its local and regional clients.

Moreover, the company sustains this outstanding relationship through ongoing after-sales services, which are considered the key differentiator that distinguish VTEL and position it at the forefront.

VTEL’s after-sales services include trouble-shooting, repair, yearly maintenance and technical consultation.

A team of professionals and well trained technicians is ready to provide professional installation services and to respond to clients’ changing needs and this is what gives the company the drive for continuity and the ability to grow stronger.

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VTEL’s Innovations
Fibernet by VTEL
Main Products

Wholesale Services
• High speed internet (IP transit) through multiple and diverse routes with multiple tier 1 international IP providers.
• Local access within Jordan (last mile) over fiber reaching all targeted business areas.
• International high speed capacity.
• Lease and IRU based pricing. Enterprise and Retail Services
• Broadband Internet Access over Fiber (FTTB).
• Dedicated Internet Access over Fiber (DIA).
• Dedicated Data Local Connectivity (SDH, MPLS and Ethernet).
• Dedicated Data International Connectivity (Global MPLS & IPLC). Data Center Services
• High Density Hosting Services.
- Managed co-location.
- Managed dedicated hosting.
- Internet services.
- Virtual hosting & cloud hosting.
• Managed Security Services
- Firewall & intrusion detection.
- Web filtering.
- Mail protection: Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM.
• On-Demand Services
- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
- Platform as a Service (PaaS).
- Software as a Service (SaaS).
- Licenses as a Service (LaaS).
- Utility Backup.
- Load Balancing.
- Utility Storage.
• System Support Services
- Monitoring & Reporting.
- Database Support.
- Platform Support (Hardware/OS).
- Application Support.
• Professional Services
- Data Center Build.
- Data Center consolidation/Migration.
- DR/BCP Design & Development.
- System Integration.

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