Vardot is an enterprise web solutions provider that uses Drupal and open technologies to help the world’s influential organizations accomplish their missions.

Since foundation, Vardot used the opportunity to apply its knowledge and expertise building websites and online software to a wide range of industries including higher education, governments, NGOs, media and publishing, financial services, technology, travel and tourism, and more.

Vardot continues to help its clients build killer web experiences, reduce risk, increase conversion, and provide worry-free solutions that will make their goals successful through utilizing open technologies.

As a company that specializes in open source solutions, Vardot has deeply invested in the health and success of the software that Vardot uses and the community that surrounds it.

Several Vardot team members are regular contributors to the Drupal project and Vardot is deeply involved in supporting the Drupal Association and Jordan Open Source Association.

Vardot is also a Partner for the leading commercial open-source company, Acquia. In partnership with Acquia, Vardot provides professional training based on a detailed and carefully studied curriculum for new and experienced developers who want to wrestle into the Drupal world! Furthermore, Vardot provides comprehensive Drupal consulting and training services for companies looking to use Drupal, putting them ahead of the game.

Vardot’s Drupal solutions include Drupal for Universities, Drupal for Schools, Drupal for NGOs, Drupal for News and Publishing, Drupal for Governments, Drupal for Corporates and SMEs, and Drupal for E-commerce.

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