Since its launch in 2005, Umniah continues to gain prominence as one of the region’s fastest-growing and most reliable telecommunications providers. Offering a diverse array of high quality mobile, internet and enterprise solutions that leverage on the full potential of the modern digital revolution, Umniah has cultivated a loyal customer base of around 3.2 million customers in one of the region’s most competitive markets.

As a subsidiary of Bahrain’s Batelco Group, Umniah comes from a strong telecom tradition with international credibility. Despite being the third telecom provider to join the Kingdom’s highly competitive market, Umniah quickly earned a reputation for firsts. The operator was a pioneer in introducing cuttingedge communication technologies that effectively democratized broadband connectivity for both personal and enterprise use. Today, the operator is hailed a leader in embracing the modern digital revolution with an emphasis on core technologies like security, cloud computing, mobile payment and others.

In 2016, Umniah invested hundreds of millions in the launch of its LTE 4G and LTE Fixed networks, which it operates to deliver ultrafast broadband connectivity to homes and enterprises nationwide. This launch was followed by an additional investment in 2017 for the expansion of these networks, which significantly boosted coverage to reach more communities in Jordan. This dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of broadband technology made Umniah the fastest network in Jordan in 2016-2017 according to Speedtest by Ookla, the global leader in Internet testing and metrics.

Umniah is also a preferred operator for a wide array of enterprise clients. In addition to being a Cisco Certified Master Cloud and Managed Services Partner and boasting several ISO certifications, the operator was also awarded the MSSP Partner of the Year by Fortinet, demonstrating its commitment to excellence. Umniah has also signed unprecedented partnerships with international players like Cisco, Microsoft CSP and IBM Security to continue broadening the exclusive features of its enterprise services. This has enabled enterprises big and small to trust Umniah with the management and enhancement of their valuable information through Umniah’s specialized teams of high caliber engineers and its Tier III certified data centers.

Umniah’s commitment to the Kingdom is not limited to the private sector as the operator is a key provider of internet services for the Jordanian government. In 2017, the operator finalized the largest data networking project in Jordan’s history, implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Special Communications Commission of the Jordanian Armed Forces. In addition to connecting the Ministry to more than 2764 schools and education directorates nationwide, Umniah also provided free high-speed safe internet connectivity to more than 1.3 million students and 100,000 teachers and staff, underscoring the company’s commitment to the future of the education sector.

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