In one of the region’s most competitive markets, Umniah stands out as the fastest growing and highly trusted telecommunications provider. Since its launch in June 2005, Umniah has achieved a strong presence in the Jordanian telecom market by offering high-quality mobile, internet and business solutions while keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Umniah consistently contributes to the development of Jordan’s telecommunications services by maintaining steady growth in the areas of mobile and internet subscriptions. The company boosted the Jordanian mobile market penetration from 38% in 2005 to more than 168% in 2016, proving itself as a driving force in the expansion of the ICT sector.

A subsidiary of Batelco Group, Umniah acquired Batelco Jordan in 2008, which brought new infrastructure and a more diversified workforce to the company. Notably, the acquisition made possible the launch of Umniah Business Solutions, enriching the company’s offerings to serve Jordan’s telecommunication needs.

In 2015, Umniah invested hundreds of millions of dollars to expand and upgrade its existing 3G network, and for the first time in Jordan in 2016, it launched its high-speed Internet service via both its LTE 4G Mobile Network and its LTE Fixed Network. And with the network delivering record-speed connectivity to its customers, Umniah won the 2016 Fastest Network Award in Jordan, certified from Speedtest by Ookla.

Umniah also offers connectivity services like Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Dedicate Internet access to provide unique stability and interoperability with customer data, distinguishing itself by establishing strategic and unprecedented partnerships with international players like Cisco, Microsoft CSP and IBM Security.

Umniah’s commitment to the Kingdom is not limited to the private sector. Umniah is a key Internet provider for the Jordanian government and it has been making strides in the public sector by collaborating with the Ministry of Education on a mammoth project to establish an integrated network connecting 2652 public schools across the Kingdom, reaching over one million students, educators and administrators. This connectivity project is a significant development for the country’s public educational sector setting it on the road to building a knowledge-based economy and reaffirm Umniah’s reputation as Jordan’s most reliable telecom operator.

As part of their commitment to keeping abreast of latest global tech trends, Umniah continues its push to pioneer innovative digital solutions that enhance day-to-day experiences, such as Smart Home automation and security systems, as well as digital financial services-Mahfazti, the mobile wallet service in addition to other digital solutions.

Umniah’s ‘Belong’ platforms allow the company to reach out to the community in a sustainable and high-impact way, through involvement in aspects of society including innovation, education, arts and culture, sports, healthcare, environment, adventure and others.

In 2014, Umniah launched in Jordan its Innovation Center “The Tank” at the King Hussein Business Park that reaches out to Jordan’s young entrepreneurs by offering them the opportunity to use the space as offices with free WiFi, obtain invaluable knowledge, experience, and insight through several programs running at the center.

Umniah has also partnered with many NGOs and initiatives since its founding, which provides the basis for Umniah’s stellar reputation as a socially responsible company.

Since its inception, Umniah has worked to advance women’s empowerment and inclusion both in the workplace and in the communities in which it operates, and as such became a signatory to the United Nations Global Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2015.

Umniah is committed to providing cutting-edge communication, to finding the sparks that empower business growth and to building a brighter future for all of its customers, stakeholders and partners. That’s the lifeblood that runs throughout Umniah.

With a subscriber base that exceeds 4 million and a market share of more than 30%, Umniah will continue to grow by adhering to its core values of innovation and customer-centricity. Its comprehensive selection of innovative services and business solutions means that everyone can “Belong” to the Umniah community.

That’s the lifeblood that runs throughout Umniah. For more information, visit or www.Facebook/umniah or @umniah on Twitter and Instagram, or @umniahjo on SnapChat or call Umniah at 07-88001333.

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