SOURCEitHR, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, is a subsidiary of MenaITech, the MENA region’s leading provider of Human Capital Information Systems since 2003, which operates in 25 countries and serves over 1,700 clients across a diverse range of sectors.

SOURCEitHR provides a comprehensive suite of human capital management solutions that cover outsourcing, organization and management consulting, in addition to tools which include assessments and surveys.

The Payroll Outsourcing solutions by SOURCEitHR include salary processing (OT, bonuses, allowances, deductions, incentives, etc.); multi-currency salary payments; language compatibility (Arabic, English and French); multicompany/ branch compatibility; full-time, part-time and contract employee functions; direct bank salary processing (where available); essential payroll reports, bank letters and reports, social security reports; income tax reports (AR/3), finance voucher reports; self-service mobile app (MENA Mobile); online employee and manager self-service viewing portal; salary slips, leave management and other services; monthly payroll analysis and dashboards; and Alerts (occasions, probations, etc…).

HR Outsourcing by SOURCEitHR covers Training and Development, Recruitment, On-boarding and Employee Handbooks, Labor Law and Employee Related Advice.

Consulting services offered by SOURCEitHR include Organization, Development, Talent Management, Reward Management and Change Management.

SOURCEitHR also provides HR Tools including People Diagnostics and People Analytics. The Diagnostics solutions cover the candidates’ fitness to fill the role, a psychometric assessment and a language assessment. As for the Analytics solution, it covers salary surveys (General and Sector Specific), general surveys, bespoke, Industry specific and department surveys.

The combined strength of the MenaITech and SOURCEitHR portfolio gives the company access to a database of over one million employees, powering insights and analytics unparalleled in the MENA region.

SOURCEitHR provides flexible and user-friendly solutions that can be customized to meet the human capital management needs of large corporations, small and medium enterprises, startups, the public sector as well as non-profit organizations.

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