Software Solutions


Founded in 2003, Middle East & North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) is the brainchild of a group of talented and experienced professionals in the HR and IT fields, who saw an urgent need for a specialized entity in the development and provisioning of Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) to both public and private organizations. With such a foundation, MenaITech was able to address the growing need for a high-performance, yet fairly priced and seamless Human Capital Information System (HCIS).


Operating with more than 300 talented engineers and over 25 years of experience, Estarta helps the world’s leading companies and organizations to better manage their businesses through a wide range of services including Specialized Outsourcing, Professional and Advanced Services, Innovative Turnkey Products and Technical Training.

BEYE Group

With the neck-breaking speed of technology and innovation, no industry has been as critically affected as the global financial sector.

The world of banking has become increasingly complex; business has never moved faster, data has never been more abundant, and executive decision-making has never had such wide-reaching impacts and consequences.

Despite all these new challenges, the modern banking executive is still expected to make complex, critical decisions in record time.

Access to Arabia

Access to Arabia (A2A) specializes in developing IT solutions that assist financial institutions to supply their customers with convenient access to their products and services.

The company’s mission is to help banks and other financial institutions in the Middle East and North Africa regions to realize the future of full customer self-service, today.