Rubikomm is a telecom solutions provider with its core mandate in Platforms, Content Services and Mobile Applications.

The company was established in 2010 by a group of professionals, who hold senior positions in the telecom domain and currently has 20 employees.

Since its establishment, Rubikomm’s vision was always to work with customers as partners and to become their first choice when looking for innovation. The company always strives to help them operate more efficiently, grow healthier and serve their communities more effectively.

To achieve this vision, Rubikomm is partnering with top industry vendors who provide innovative solutions and are looking to expand their market reach to this part of the world.

In addition, Rubikomm is developing a set of innovative ideas to help its customers improve their services, boost their revenues, retain existing subscribers and attract new ones.

Rubikomm’s mission is to deliver to the mobile operators high end, state-of-the-art, converged telecom solutions, as well as new innovative ideas that help them evolve faster.

Rubikomm’s market reach covers the Middle East, Gulf, Iran, North Africa and West Africa Francophone countries. Rubikomm serves its customers from its headquarters in Amman.

Rubikomm offers solutions in the main lines of Telecom Solutions Platforms including Data Charging, Messaging, VAS and Roaming; Content-based Services; and Mobile Applications Sport Eco System.

With its rich portfolio of platforms, Rubikomm offers Data Charging Solutions, Next Generation Messaging, Value Added Services, Roaming, Loyalty and Customer Experience Management Solutions to answer all operators’ needs.

Rubikomm presents a rich catalogue of Content Based Services including exclusive and branded content covering different topics like Sport, Women, Health and Life Style content. Content is sourced by a professional team of editors and through partnering with branded content providers.

Rubikomm’s Mobile Applications are designed to cater for operators’ needs in the 3G/4G world. The portfolio enables the operators to penetrate and monetize their broadband network by providing mobile applications that will engage them with their subscribers, offer new services, sell and upsell their products and services and offer more customer entertainment.

In 2013, Rubikomm launched Nadeek project ( as a complete social sport eco-system designed for operators to engage with youth. It enables the operators to introduce sport services over Web, WAP, SMS and Mobile Application with very interesting features that support social engagement and the use of videos, cartoons, news and many more.

In early 2015, Rubikomm started a new business unit specialized in developing B2B cloud solutions. By the end of 2015, Mofakerah was launched to facilitate school-parent communication.

Mofakerah is a cloud based service that is offered to education institutions for an annual subscription fee and is being white labeled to a few operators in the region. This year, Rubikomm is focusing more efforts in this direction and has a plan to launch two other services that will be offered to businesses under the SaaS model.

Later on, Rubikomm launched CloudPOS System in 2016, as the name suggests it is a cloud-based Point of Sales (POS) system running on smart devices connected to an online server that provides full features.

CloudPOS System can be connected to thermal printers, barcode readers, cash drawers and finger print devices to access the system. CloudPOS system includes many functionalities and features that serve different types of businesses including but not limited to retailers, dry-cleans, restaurants and many others. CloudPOS System is modular based. You can start with the basic system which includes the point of sale module, CRM, inventory management, supply management, accounting and full reporting tool. Extra modules can be added at any time based on customers’ needs such as online ordering, loyalty, attendance and financial system management which is fully integrated with the CloudPOS system to control and manage your daily financial tasks and to keep you on top of your financial position.

CloudPOS is a complete state-of-the-art solution that covers all SMEs needs to run and grow their businesses.

Rubikomm’s professional team will always ensure that the services it delivers are of high quality and performance; in hope that it will build a loyal bond with company valuable customers.

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