Quality Business Solutions (QBS)

Quality Business Solutions (QBS) is a leading technology services’ provider, committed to implementing high value business solutions that match business and economic requirements within a challenging and fast-moving era, as well as to provide consultation and coaching services focusing on governmental, telecommunication, health, services and education sectors. These business solutions include - but are not limited to- Business Portals, Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems, Business Process Management and Automation, Enterprise Custom Software Development Solutions and Cloud Computing.

QBS focuses on its solutions’ quality and on ensuring the coverage added value provided within it to its clients. The company ensures that the solutions provided are aligned with the organizations’ vision, framework, policies and go beyond their expectations. More importantly, QBS foresees its partnership with its clients as a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.

The company takes its work and business very seriously, focusing precisely on quality and delivery. QBS highly respects its standards. Quality is not just its name, but it is the company’s approach. The vision of QBS is to be the provider of choice for business solutions and consultancy services in the Middle East and North Africa.

Its mission is to attract and maintain a highly qualified, committed and motivated professional team, therefore building a Class A organization that will ensure the optimum quality of services and products with Class A results and delivery.

QBS has a specialized focus on certain services which it masters, working towards achieving its aims of best quality and delivery utilizing those implementations through Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems, in addition to SharePoint public and intranet portals. By achieving top quality and high caliber solutions, QBS aims to increase organizations’ performance and business understanding through utilizing those solutions and empowering their environments with them. The QBS journey doesn’t only include a delivery of high quality services, but it exceeds it towards providing the art of implementing such solutions to their optimum way and getting the best results out of them; in addition to having those solutions as a starting block to build on top of them further components and modules to enrich the company’s vision and requirements.

On the products side, QBS provides NABADAT which is a voice of customer and customer feedback experience collection solutionthat allows any organization to dynamically collect and analyze the feedback and opinion of its customers and prospects; to evaluate the organization’s performance and to ensure customer loyalty, satisfaction and referral.

The Legal Management Suite provides an organization level solution automating the communication between different units, on the one hand and the legal and regulations team on the other. It automates and streamlines the communication and distribution process of the contracts targeting the achievement of centralized and controlled communication of the different activities ensuring the compliance with organizations’ SLA and set KPIs.

As any organization has its huge information related to knowledge, offers and services, it is very important to have a tool that provides fast retrieval of this information. The Knowledge Base Tool provides the ability to consolidate all the organization’s knowledge, offers, services and internal information within a simplified form providing information to end users with ease to navigate and search for key words and important items of interest.

Digital transformation is moving faster towards more modern technologies and techniques, while cloud based solutions and services are one of the top directions and best solutions of implementation. Accordingly, QBS provides Deput365 portal which provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 services, unleashing power, controlled management and administration of Office 365 tenants easily without interfering in each user’s information.

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