ProTech uses the latest web technologies in addition to the latest databases, reporting tools and graphical analysis. It distinguishes itself from other software companies by having business consulting committees involved in its design and testing stage.

The company’s range of products has received favorable reviews from its customers belonging to multiple sectors both inside and outside Jordan. ProTech is always seeking opportunities to further enhance its offerings and services, and most importantly to protect its clients’ investments as its success depends on theirs.

ProTech’s vision is “To become the preferred business solutions provider for organizations and preferred employer for professionals.”

ProTech’s mission is “To develop, implement and integrate business software solutions utilizing latest technologies, enabling clients to reach beyond technological requirements to fulfill broader business goals. ProTech values innovation, creativity and flexibility to achieve growth for its industry, customers, company and employees, by sharing its successes and using open communication channels.”

ProTech’s objectives are to fulfill customer needs by utilizing the highest professional standards in IT and project management; developing state-of-the-art business solutions that adopt the latest technologies in the field; create systems that provide organizations with strategic insight to assist in decision-making; provide customers with cost-effective, efficient and fit-for-purpose tools to meet their highest return on investment; and build long term relationships with customers that will lead to healthy win-win partnerships.

The competitive advantages of ProTech are commitment, industry experience with international experience, knowledge and knowledge transfer, Web based solutions with a local touch, Cloud solutions, the strength of its team and proven methodologies.