ProgressSoft Corporation

Committed to a boundless aspiration towards innovation since its inception in 1989, ProgressSoft has been focusing its proficiency in payments and imaging technologies to deliver a set of solutions tailored for the needs of the banking and financial sectors. Operating through its headquarters in Jordan and several offices in other countries, ProgressSoft nurtures a diversified client base that extends to more than 350 banks and central banks in 24 countries around the globe.

ProgressSoft provides solutions in the fields of Electronic Check Clearing, Mobile Payment, RTGS, EFT, ACH Payment, Corporate Banking & Cash Management, Securities Trading Settlement and Intelligent Signature Verification.

ProgressSoft was established on a long-standing vision of leadership in delivering unprecedented world-first solutions, tailored to meet unaddressed business needs, while devoting its proficient efforts vertically to bring along enhancements on its core set of offerings.

ProgressSoft’s mission is to add value to its clients by making available a broad range of innovative, mission-critical, cost-effective solutions and portfolio of services to its markets.

In 2001, ProgressSoft proudly presented the World's First Electronic Image-based Check Clearing Solution; an unprecedented breakthrough in the payments field that actualized a same-day clearing cycle and truncation of the check from the branch level. This was followed by similar success stories with countrywide implementations of ProgressSoft's revolutionary solution in Jordan, Sudan, Oman, Bahrain, Nepal, Seychelles and Kuwait.

Early in 2008, ProgressSoft introduced PS-mPay, the Countrywide Mobile Payment Solution that allows customers to conduct payment transactions using their hand-held mobiles and smart phones. This state-of theart solution enables banked and unbanked customers to conduct Person2Person, Person2Business, Person2Government and Point of- Sale (NFC-based) Payments, in addition to Direct Credits, Bill Payments and International Remittances. PS-mPay is currently being implemented on a nationwide scale, providing a convenient, hassle-free method of payment that avails faster access to funds anytime anywhere.

Complementing the mobile payment cycle, ProgressSoft presented the Mobile Payment Switch PS-mpClear, which allows Central Banks to assume their regulatory role while overseeing the mobile payment cycle, in addition to switching and clearing the mobile payment transactions. PS-mpClear was implemented successfully in several countries.

In the field of ACH payments, ProgressSoft was adept of achieving multiple successful implementations of its PS-ACH solution in several countries, where it automates Direct Debit and Direct Credit payments in addition to many other components of PS-ACH that include Mandate Management, Wages Protection and Salary Processing systems.

ProgressSoft participated and exhibited its solutions in international events such as CeBIT, Sibos, The Middle East Financial Technology Exhibition & Conference (MEFTEC) and Mobile Money Global (MMG). During its continuous presence in such international events, ProgressSoft stays in close touch with major players of the financial community in order to be the first in unraveling and addressing their arising needs.

ProgressSoft partners and closely works with global corporations that operate some of the most respected businesses in the Information Technology field. Partners include HP, SWIFT, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun, IBM, and Cisco.

Main Products

> Electronic Check Clearing
Nationwide Electronic Image-based Check Clearing
• Prompt Check
The Banks’ Electronic Image-based Check Clearing
• Prompt Clear
Clearing House Unit Electronic Check Clearing
• Prompt RDC
Remote Deposit Capture
• Prompt mRDC
Mobile Remote Deposit Capture
• Prompt ATM/CDM
ATM/CDM Check Capture & Deposit
• Prompt xBorder
Cross-border Electronic Check Clearing
• Prompt OnUs
Electronic In-House Check Clearing
• Prompt PDC
Post-Dated Check Clearing

> Mobile Payments
• PS-mPay
Countrywide Mobile Payment Solution
• PS-mpClear
The Mobile Payment Switch

> Automated Clearing House
Direct Debit / Direct Credit ACH Solution
Mandate Management System

> Real-Time Gross Settlement
Real-Time Gross Settlement System

> Retail Payments System
Real-time Retail Payments System

> Wage Protection System
Wage Protection System

> Bill Presentment and Payment
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

> Corporate Banking & Cash Management
Corporate Banking & Cash Management

> Signature Verification & Recognition
Signature Verification & Management
Automatic Signature Verification