Established in 1996 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Primus is a regional company and market leader with a specialized focus on software solutions, consultancy and infrastructure services.

Primus employs outstandingly talented people who are up-todate with new technologies and software programming. The company spans the region with offices in Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia; in addition to representational offices in Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon and notable presence in the United States through local partners.

For over a decade, Primus has helped clients increase their potential and, ultimately, their efficiency. Primus understands business needs and the requirements of specific industries, and has successfully transformed the operations of both public and private leading entities with its expertise and complete solutions.

Primus has received the maturity level 3-Defined CMMI® certification, which confirms that Primus fully meets the requirements for all 17 process areas, covering the entire projects lifecycle. This maturity level enables Primus to maintain maximum monitoring and control of its projects and organizational processes, leading in turn to a more competent and well-organized work flow, furthermore supporting Primus’ overall objective of maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction through better and stronger communication procedures.

Primus divisions include Software Solutions, Consulting Services and Infrastructure Solutions.

Primus Software Solutions is an unrivalled software factory and IT solutions innovator, powered by 18 years of proven experience in delivering advanced IT solutions and technology development for businesses and governments. A list of 300 plus Primus clients and over 1000 success stories underscores the success of this division.

Primus Software Solutions competencies include Systems Integration, Portals and E-services, Business Solutions (ERP/GRP/CRM/ EPM), Custom-made Software, Online Advertising and Multimedia, Collaboration Portals, Documents Management and SharePoint Portals.

Consultation is another key requirement for every business that wishes to prosper in the competitive business environment of today’s global markets. As the business consulting arm of the company, Primus Consulting combines strategic, technical, operational and organizational expertise with proven disciplined approaches to develop solutions that yield effective results. Primus provides business planning and consulting, targeting different industries and sectors, such as water, finance, government and education among others.

Primus Consulting competencies include Business Consulting, ICT Consultation & Outsourcing, E Government Programs and Initiatives, ICT Strategies and Roadmaps, IT Project Management
and Coaching, and Program Management Offices (PMO) Set up and Operations.

The Infrastructure Solutions division at Primus provides complete end-to- end solutions. Primus also provides supervision for these networks and hardware projects, guaranteeing the proper and efficient use of IT infrastructures to its clients.

Primus Infrastructure competencies include Network Design and Implementation, Data Center and Disaster Recovery Setup, On-site Repair and Maintenance, Backup and Storage Solutions, Security Solutions, Microsoft Licenses for enterprise, SMB and LAR.

Primus has also developed and maintained products which can be customized to suit client needs. Primus products include Mahakim, E-Diwan, Portals & Collaboration, SharePoint Development and Deployment, Documents Management System, Capacity Development Solution, Social Safety Net, Exams Online.

Primus is authorized to resell and provide any services related to various products as an official partner. These include the Core Banking Solution from Infosys, Mobile and Internet Banking, SAS Products (BI, AML, FATCA), McAfee and UTM Cyberoam.

Main Products

Primus Products:

> Mahakim - E-Court Platform.
> Edara - Education Management Information System.
> Mosa’adat - Social Safety Net.
> FIMIS - Food Import Management Information System.
> CTS - Comprehensive Tariff System.
> E-Filing System.
> Monitoring and Evaluation System.
> Voting & Legislative Management Systems.
> E-Diwan.