PremaR&D is a research and development house founded and incorporated in 2015. It is fully dedicated to deliver top of the line innovative solutions to its clients utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology available at hand.

A diverse team of creatives, marketers and developers work hand in hand to fulfill PremaR&D clients’ needs in a unique and creative way. PremaR&D’s team is driven by the objective to deliver value in addition to customer engagement.

PremaR&D solutions are diverse enough to serve marketing objectives. These solutions can cater to brands on so many levels, be it by awareness, positioning, engagement or even on the spot conversion. Having technology at the core of PremaR&D solutions twisted with innovation and creativity makes it easy to achieve the objectives of clients with a clear ROI.

The vision of PremaR&D is to put its pioneering technology in the hands of all brands and to make it affordable for them to raise brand recognition and grow their business.

Its mission is to provide brands with innovative solutions that pave the way for them to meet their business objectives no matter the challenge.