Pioneers Information Technologies Co. LTD (Pio-Tech)

Pio-Tech is a System Integrator and Business Solutions Provider with a commitment to perpetual innovative performance powered by strategic alliances with distinguished business partners, and a skillful & visionary team of consultants dedicated to enriching customers with bright Ideas for enterprise management solutions.

Established in 2003, Pio-Tech has long crowned the market as a pioneering System Integrator and Business Solution Provider. The company’s carefully-built vertical solutions introduced an original brand, which evidently confirmed its presence as a commanding flagship in the financial industry. Through its wide array of solutions, Pio-Tech has helped myriad financial institutions to better understand their business and bond with their customers, and ultimately, to steer their operations towards attaining excellence in performance.

A Driving Factor behind the company’s success is due to the strategically chosen partnerships with top IT corporations, as Pio-Tech continues to break new grounds in Enterprise Management Solutions. Simultaneously, the company constantly seizes to discover new tech horizons and to add mounting value to its clients.

Pio-Tech’s Mission is to deliver insightful, applicable and affordable Business and Performance Management Solutions, which address critical requirements of regional customers, with the scalability to evolve as their business needs grow.

The company’s vision is to become a renowned provider of data warehouse, analytical and management solutions for financial institutions in the Middle East & Africa.

Pio-Tech solutions enables ambitious organizations to continuously measure and optimize their business performance, making them better equipped to meet current and future business challenges, through the company’s various solutions covering Business Performance Management, Business Process Management, & Customer Information Optimization.

Business Performance Management solutions provides a single source of information for better decision making, covering a complete cycle of managing the data and integration, data warehousing, business intelligence, budgeting & planning, analytical applications, performance management, dashboard and scorecards, enterprise risk management, profitability & FTP, and compliance platform that ensures compliance with various regulatory bodies. The compliance platform includes solutions for compliance with Central Bank & Regulatory Reports for more than 12 countries, FATCA compliance, goAML, Credit Bureau, AML, and Risk Management including Basel II & III in addition to IFRS9 regulations.

Business Process Management solutions includes more than 60 banking business processes, covering retail and corporate services for commercial and Islamic banks, in addition to advanced Contentment Management System; helping banks with means to optimize process efficiency, and increase customer acquisitions by maximizing customer satisfaction.

Customer Information Optimization solutions provides and advanced Customer Relationship Management system and Contact Center that provides banks with state-of-the -art solution enabling integrating customer data, customer helpdesk, sales force automation, marketing automation, campaign management, segmentation, customer value management, mobile CRM and CRM portals.

Pio-Tech solutions are designed for scalability, evolving to accommodate clients’ growing business needs. 

Main Products

Technology Partners:
SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, CONNX, W4, Facephi, OpenText.
Solution Partners:
LOXON, SQS India BFSI Limited.
Channel Partners:
SPME, Appstech Universe, Bayan Advisers, Inspire Solutions.


SAP® Recognized Expertise in Business Intelligence 2014
Best run partner for SAP® Co-Innovation 2013
SAP® Integration Certification for Bank-BI 2012