Network International Jordan

Network International Jordan (formerly Emerging Markets Payment) - is a part of Dubai-headquartered Network International LLC, the leading payment solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA).

Together they service more than 70,000 merchants and 200 financial institutions across 55+ countries.

Network International Jordan combines the extensive local knowledge and robust merchant, retail, hospitality and banking partnerships with the market-leading payment technologies and expertise of its parent company to create payment solutions for everyone, everywhere.

Globally, a significant shift is taking place as societies move away from cash-based economies to greater use of electronic payments, a trend that is emphasized in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East.

This trend offers significant opportunities for all stakeholders, from banks, retailers and card associations through to the end consumer.

Network International Jordan is committed to remaining at the forefront of this revolution by creating a payments platform that drives card penetration and other payment types in these emerging markets.

Moreover, through its end-to-end technology-led payments solutions, Network International Jordan aims to enable digital commerce and payments across the country. Wth the Kingdom’s 2018-2020 National Strategy for Financial Inclusion now in full swing, Network International Jordan intends to play an instrumental role in helping Jordan’s entire population gain access to affordable and efficient financial services.

Network International Jordan is a trusted partner that operates to the highest standards of integrity and corporate conduct. All investment decisions and operating activities are underpinned by clear and explicit principles.

Its leadership team alongside parent company Network International LLC have established a strong culture of ethical business practice and the Group as a whole commits itself to the highest standards of compliance, governance, transparency and accountability.

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