Mozon Tech

Mozon Tech is a passionate and result-oriented Information Technology solutions provider and one of the oldest companies within its field in Jordan. Its roots go back to 1982, as part one of Jordan’s oldest IT services companies; International Computer Systems.

In 2002, Mozon Tech became a separate software development company offering a Financial Management System. In 2005, the company developed a School Management System as new, talented developers and technical support staff joined the company’s family. Then, in 2009, the HR System became one of the company’s major products. That year Mozon Tech also crossed borders into new markets, as the company welcomed its first Saudi Arabian customer. In 2015, the IT Infrastructure Solutions & Servicesdepartment was founded. In 2017, Mozon Tech opened its first regional office, in Dubai. Currently, the company serves the markets of Jordan, KSA, UAE, Qatar and Oman.

Mozon Tech has devoted more than 30 years to the development, implementation and evolution of software solutions that keep the company’s focus on combining advanced technology with deep understanding of business needs to help clients reshape the services delivered. Accordingly, Mozon Tech provides a wide-ranging portfolio of IT products and services that include Financial Management Software Solutions, Customized Software Development, IT Infrastructure Building & Management, Business Process Automation and Business Consultation.

While others were paying ‘bulks’ to gain customer’s trust, Mozon Tech was in silent-mode; busy making a fruitful long term relationship with customers who it considers to be success partners.

The references of Mozon Tech were built using the word-ofmouth approach. The experiences of customers, in terms of credibility and quality, have always been unique and result in recommendations to new customers. That’s why Mozon Tech was the type of company to grow through referrals. Mozon Tech considers its customer-focused culture to be a business opportun ty. Most businesses are failing when it comesto the customer experience. That is not the case with Mozon Tech. On the contrary, finding the ‘’love’’ between the company and its customers has helped Mozon Tech scale its positive word of mouth sales. This was the only approach that the company was relying on for a long time and it is priceless.

Now, the company is also adopting new methods to reach more and more customers, as it is fully ready to acquire new challenges. Simply, Mozon Tech will make your life much easier!

The Mozon Tech team consists of 20 talented engineers developers, quality assurance staff and a technical support team. The company assists small, medium and large organizations; helping them build and enhance their daily business cycles effectively from Mozon Tech’s main office in Amman- Jordan and through its regional office in Dubai, UAE.

Mozon Tech has taken upon itself the promotion of technological awareness and the commitment to keep learning. It is not only about the job, but to be “prepared” for life as well.

The strengths of Mozon Tech include the unparalleled user friendliness, ease of use and application of its products. Another strength is the team’s ability to be consultants to their customers, due to their full understanding of the business needs and rules. A high level of After Sales Services completes the strengths of Mozon Tech.

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• Mozon FMS (Financial Management System)
• Mozon SMS (School Management System)
• Mozon HRMS (HR Management System)
• Mozon CSS (Customized Software Solutions)
• Mozon ITS (IT Solutions)


Dubai - UAE Tel : +971 4 6113883 +971 5 09282953 Business Bay - Park Lane Tower