Mozaic Innovative Solutions

Mozaic Innovative Solutions was established in 2015 to provide innovative solutions for retail businesses and mobile operators.

For retail businesses, Mozaic introduced a suite of products that help retail merchants to engage with their customers, retain them and attract new ones through branded smart phone applications.

Loyalty Plus enable retailers to identify and profile their customers through a smart CRM, retain top customers through a multi-tier flexible loyalty program, listen to customer’s feedback and communicate freely with them.

Retailers will be able to design unique campaigns that are tailored to every single customer and to track the campaign progress in an online mode.

Ordering Plus is another product in the suite that enables retailers to introduce an omni-channel ordering process to their customers which is managed centrally. Mobile applications, Web or Phone Calls are all
managed and delivered from the same system.

Feedback Plus enables retailers to capture customer’s feedback instantly during the shopping experience and to react immediately based on such feedback. Retailers can measure the performance of branches centrally.

For mobile operators, Mozaic partners with reputable vendors who provide innovative value added services and product like BeepCall, IVR Radio, Balance+, iSMS, Emergency Balance and many other services.

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