MIT Group

The beginning was in 2002, with a staff that consisted of two creative and self-motivated professionals. The dream was to offer a platform of solutions to serve the GSM mobile operators, content providers and endusers in the MENA region.

The jumpstart was (MIT) Mobile Interactive Technologies (MIT), specialized in creating and managing mobile Value-Added Services (VAS) and in-house mobile content.

In 2005 E-Learning Arabia (eLA) was launched with three employees and by becoming an MIT affiliate, eLA started to focus more on its core competency and started to prove to be successful.

(eLA) provides educational solutions to leading educational institutions in the world, the likes of Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, Harvard Medical School and many more. leverag these solutions the latest ICT technologies combined with sound pedagogical theories to provide high quality content on top of suitable e-learning platforms.

MIT Group’s, formulation and growth came parallel to the noticeable expanding telecommunications industry in the region.

In 2009 and while the world was going through early signs of recession MIT Group became an advanced IBM business partner, only one step away from being a Premier partner, through its newly established company Virtecha which was managed by seven employees only.

Virtecha became a provider of enterprise software solutions that focus on web and mobile applications / on-device portals.

Virtecha leverages the latest state-ofthe- art technologies combined with its business experience.

Virtecha was selected for the IBM Beacon top 3 Award winners in the Overall Technical Excellence category for two consecutive years 2010 and 2011.

Today, the MIT Group is operating in many countries with over 100 employees and with over 50% based in Jordan.

MIT Group is still thirsty for growth and further development in the MENA region, African subcontinent and the North America continent.

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