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MenaIP® is the cloud arm of MenaITech.

Through its state-of-the-art technology, MenaIP® provides professional, localized and selfoperated core products on its own cloud store. MenaIP® also offers easy to use tools and solutions that simplify any company’s business activities.

Being an intellectual property company, MenaIP® is always keen on encouraging creative minds to come up with innovative ideas for the IT sector. It takes the responsibility of providing support and guidance to transform these ideas into tangible brands.

The vision of MenaIP® is to make its mark in the cloud industry by becoming the default, go-to store for IT products and services on the cloud.

The mission of MenaIP® is to support and provide cloud solutions through products and services that guarantee a high quality professional and user-friendly experience.

The values of MenaIP® includecreativity, sustainability, forwardthinking, expertise and partnership. MenaIP® invests in creative and innovative ideas that aim to produce fresh and original intellectual property. The company seeks passion in its entrepreneurs and this is reflected by its people as well.

MenaIP® is committed to accompanying its entrepreneurs’ journeys all the way from early seed to development stages as MenaIP® aspires for sustainable and successful companies, similar to the businesses it upholds.

MenaIP® believes in embracing the newest and the latest, and adaptability is key to embracing emerging trends and technologies. Inventive and futuristic approaches are much needed in this line of work.

Therefore, MenaIP® hosts expert technology investors who have had extensive and successful experiences in the industry, as the best have been selected for the best.

MenaIP® literally partners with its entrepreneurs, by sharing ownership of their intellectual property, so trust and teamwork are necessary elements to these ventures.

Currently, MenaIP® offers various cloud-based products.

MenaLite® is the light HR, payroll, personnel and employee self-services module, which functions on the latest cloud technology to provide customers with the added benefit of a hosted online application.

MenaCRM® is a cloud-based andsocial-media ‘look & feel’ customer relationship management system (CRM), including sales force automation (SFA), customer support and local customized features.

Therefore, it is unlike any typical CRM solution. MenaCRM® includes discount management, customizable dashboards, partner and competitor management, chatter management and mass transactions management.

MenaTracks® is an ITIL 2011 certified Key Staff service desk management system. It is an E-follow up solution that tracks customers and employees’ issues, incidents, requests, tasks and complaints. MenaTracks® is designed for small, medium and large companies in different industries such as banks, software houses, manufacturers, governmental and financial institutions, insurance companies and many others.

MenaDMS® is a cloud based documents management system that allows corporates to manage their documents online with high security features. MenaDMS® provides cabinets and folders management features that allow corporates to organize them as well as grant the appropriate permissions for the team.

MenaIP®’s cloud solutions have been implemented in over 500 sites both locally and regionally.

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