Since establishing in 2000, JorMall has been connecting Jordanian companies to their customers and target audiences in the most effective methods. Today, JorMall’s services and solutions are serving over 3,500 of Jordan’s top organizations.

JorMall’s SMS operation maintains its position as a leading SMS provider in the country by thinking outside the Inbox. With a database of over five million profiled mobile phone numbers on all three operators, a dedicated order processing department handling campaigns from start to finish, JorMall is the partner of choice for brands in the country. Even with the restrictions of SMS marketing, JorMall remains at the forefront of innovation introducing new types of advanced messages such as: Simple RCS messages, Digital Catalogues messages, e-Commerce messages, Location messages, Voucher messages and many more.

Email marketing is still amongst the most trusted, measurable and cost effective methods of direct marketing. JorMall’s spam compliant services, extensive profiled database of 1 million emails in Jordan and over 800,000 in the region, along with interactive features and ability to reach customers on mobile phones, laptops and tablets all help you appeal to your potential customers.

JorMall can take care of your social media accounts from start to finish. Starting with strategic and tactical planning to content management and moderation, JorMall can help your brand’s social media presence be top-of-mind for consumers and engage in meaningful conversations with them.

JorMall’s online advertising packages are designed to give your organization effective online exposure for your campaigns and drive more sales. With more than six million Jordanians connected to the internet, more and more marketing budgets are being diverted to online advertising. JorMall’s Google certified staff can help you get the exposure you need to the target you want.

“Google it!”, a phrase that has become very common in JorMall’s everyday language making a company’s website a primary way people find out about businesses. With its SEO Certified expert staff, Jormall can help get your content seen by the people who are looking for what you offer. By staying up to date on the latest news, changes and trends, JorMall stays ahead of the curve as a leader in result orientated search engine optimization.

Loyalty programs are a great tool for your marketing strategy to retain customers and increasing sales. By using mobile phone numbers as customer’s account number, JorMall removed the need for printing cards and thus eliminating the large barrier to success for loyalty programs.

JorMall’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation ensures the services it provides for brands are of world class quality and up-to-date with the latest marketing trends.

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