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IrisGuard is a UK-based, worldwide supplier of novel end-to-end iris recognition biometric technology that authenticates identity for payments and large-scale humanitarian deployments. Taking iris recognition’s long-standing respect as the most accurate, secure, reliable, faultfree and fastest method of human identification; IrisGuard has been at the pioneering end of the industry, being the first iris recognition in border control, the first on ATMs, the first in supermarkets and the first to integrate with blockchain.

Driving disruptive and state-ofthe- art innovations that provide financial inclusion for vulnerable populations, IrisGuard is the only inhouse designed and built solution of complete financial authentication and authorisation systems incorporating hardware, software and server processing..

With its global headquarters in Milton Keynes in the UK and a regional office in Amman serving the Middle East and North Africa markets, IrisGuard has spearheaded the development of the iris recognition technology into design and manufacture of innovative and world-leading cameras, software and payment platforms that have processed trillions of iris cross-comparisons faultlessly, with a zero per cent error rate. This not only increases efficiency, but also eliminates the need for cards, PIN numbers, passwords and user IDs. IrisGuard is an established and trusted solutions provider for international agencies including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and many other government and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) around the world. IrisGuard also serves the traditional banking sector, with Housing Bank Trade and Finance and Cairo Amman Bank’s iris-enabled ATMs as some of its most successful partnerships.

With 2.5 billion people across the world without access to traditional banking services, IrisGuard platforms ensure that the vulnerable, needy and impoverished can move towards financial inclusion through the simple use of their most secure biometric – their iris. The humanitarian EyeBank® project is the world’s largest iris deployment, enabling hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced Syrian refugees in Jordan to receive dignified assistance and care for their families. The ability for a refugee to feed their family with a simple blink of the eye is lifechanging and access to cash is exactly the same as someone with a bank account, no additional buttons to press, no aid queue to join.

The WFP deployed IrisGuard’s EyePay® terminals in supermarkets in the Za’atari, Al Ramtha and Azraq refugee camps so that beneficiaries living there could redeem their monthly food assistance using the irispowered POS at the checkout.

In 2017, this was developed further to secure the last mile in blockchain authentication by using a verified iris in lieu of the 32-byte private key. With this two-second iris verification and separate financial authorisation, IrisGuard partnered the EyePay® system with the WFP’s private permissioned version of the Ethereum blockchain to process supermarket transactions via secure ledger in real time. This system is now in place in all supermarkets in all refugee camps, bringing blockchain into the mainstream via iris identity authentication.

The next innovation for IrisGuard will be securing iris recognition payments through mobile platforms. The ability to check a mobile financial payment against a secure database instead of the weak biometric token stored on the device is the lynchpin to revolutionise mobile payments – and will bring together connectivity, mobility and security.

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