INTRASOFT is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence, offering innovative and proven added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations. The group employs more than 2,000 highlyskilled professionals, representing over 20 different nationalities and mastering more than 18 languages. With headquarters in Luxembourg, INTRASOFT International operates through its operational branches, subsidiaries and offices in 13 countries which are USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Kenya, Luxembourg, Romania, RSA and UK.

As part of the global strategy of the group, INTRASOFT invested to establish a subsidiary in the Middle East, with a regional delivery center out of Jordan; covering operations in Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, and Qatar. The Arabic speaking expertise, coupled with the vertical strength and knowledge of regional practices, as well as International best practice makes INTRASOFT “Your Local System Integrator”.

INTRASOFT’s vision is to be “Leaders in innovative, quality, cost-effective, localized global Technology Solutions” through providing exceptional customer service, superior technological innovations, best fitting business solutions, and distinguished consulting services.

INTRASOFT’s commitment and responsibility have secured a strong and consistent presence in almostall key business areas especially in the domains of the Public Sector (Public Administration and Governmental/Semi-Governmental Organizations), Enterprise Solutions (Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Health, Education, Energy and Utilities).

INTRASOFT services include Enterprise Solutions, Public Sector and Digital Transformation.

INTRASOFT’s Enterprise Solutions optimize your business workflows through experience in developing and implementing a scalable architecture design, that enables your business to integrate easily all your data sources from multiple applications to boost your productivity. An Enterprise Performance Management System is a suite of performance management applications that includes Budgeting, planning, forecasting and modeling, consolidating results and closing the books, payment management, receipt management, asset management, cash management, accounting and reporting, procurement management, reporting, analyzing performance vs. plan, profitability and cost management. INTRASOFT also provides your business with integrated, scalable HR applications and processes that promote and sustain a consistent culture, plan, and strategy through covering the following HCM functions including HR and HR self-service, payroll and compensation, performance and learning management, successionplanning and career development, recruitment and workforce planning, reporting and workforce analytics.

Regarding the Public Sector, INTRASOFT understands that the keywords for governments are effectiveness, reliability, simplicity, communication, cost-efficiency, transparency and accountability;as well as delivering high-quality services internally and to their citizens. INTRASOFT strength lies in its deep business understanding of public administration’s organizational structures, key policies and procedures; and its broad technological know-how and project implementation capacity.
INTRASOFT achieves Digital Transformation through its wealth of experience from implementing mega projects in the region, with local expertise utilizing Digital Transformation methods for thelast two decades;
helping clients to develop unique systems for their IT needs and implementing changes that result in transforming their organizations.