Imagine Technologies

Imagine Technologies is an award-winning onestop shop for building, managing and amplifying digital assets for organizations. The company helps its clients achieve maximum performance across all the digital channels including web, mobile, social and messaging platforms. What sets Imagine Technologies apart is a suite of innovative solutions built to ensure that clients thrive through their digital presence and capture the opportunities the Internet has to offer, coupled with a team of engineers and marketing experts with over 18 years of experience in the digital sphere.

One of Imagine Technologies’ innovative solutions is EngageMaster a marketing automation suite created to increase customer engagement and lead generation with features like the live chat, mail dripping and microengagements. EngageMaster is a next generation CRM envisioned from Imagine Technologies’ long experience in transforming businesses at the intersection of technology and marketing.

Imagine Technologies is also leading with the artificial intelligence bot movement with its brand; a conversation building platform that allows businesses to create and manage complex bot interactions from prototype to launch and to publish bots on different messaging platforms including Facebook messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram and others enabling businesses to provide real-time automated customer support and marketing utilizing digital robots on any messaging platform.

Imagine Technologies’ team has won global awards on nearly every service area they provide. This includes being awarded the best governmental smartphone application in tourism in the Government Summit-UAE and being awarded the best digital campaign of the year (on Europe, Middle East and Africa) by Expedia Media Solutions in addition to several web development awards.

From establishment in 2000, Imagine Technologies has passionately served more than 500 clients, both local and international entities of all sizes in implementing efficient and effective solutions to successfully build and promote their services online in different sectors.

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