Carers App

At-Home Healthcare is now smarter with Carers App.

It is a smart system/platform which improves quality of At-Home care services making such services more professional, secure and customized based on the users needs to reach and book a trusted care provider with a click.

Carers App technology challenges connectivity barriers within family members and patient's status, providers commitment and building trust foundations. Carers strives to empower communities by creating new job opportunities and new markets worldwide with the highest standards of care services.


Aumet is the first marketplace to buy professional medical products from SME's medical manufacturers.


Sawwah is an online marketplace and booking platform which connects travelers with local touristic service providers.

Sawwah connects local and international travelers with tours, trips, activities and local experiences available from different providers in Jordan.

It is a bilingual online platform (English/Arabic) for travelers to easily explore, search, book and pay online for local tours or activities. Moreover, Sawwah allows users to rate and write their reviews about the trips, which gives it more credibility and reliability.


Winchak is a soon-to-be released mobile application which provides road services for vehicles on the spot, using GPS features to deliver the service through the nearest available service provider.

The first phase of Winchak's launch is focused on winches as service providers.

Instead of searching for or calling the phone number of a winch service provider, which is the current process for customers, they will be able to just place an order on the app and the system will provide information regarding the closest service provider.


Mrayti is a platform that aims to bring salon services to every doorstep in the Arab World whether you're looking for a nice blow dry or luxurious makeup application.

Beauty is now accessible, affordable and not time consuming with Mrayti.


iMoneh is an online application that is used by smart devices (Android and iOS), to order the grocery from supermarkets near the customer, whereby the customer can choose the supermarket which he/she prefers to buy his groceries; and to choose the appropriate delivery date and time, with the option of more than one day delivery.

The use of the iMoneh application allows the customer to order groceries at any appropriate time, scheduling the process of delivery through the application, with the possibility of cash-on-delivery and online payments methods through Visa and MasterCard.


Saleem is the first and only on-demand GP (medical general practitioner) home visit services application in Jordan, and among the pioneers in the region.

Saleem provides patients with a cadre of highly-qualified doctors, ready to serve them 24/7, 365 days a year, for convenient and quality medical healthcare services.

The platform consists of two user-friendly applications; one for the end user (patients) and one for the service providers (doctors).

Saleem is available in both Arabic and English.

Carjo Delivery

Carjo is an intermediary company that provides a free electronic database for all cars and companies concerned with the transfer of materials, services, and goods to all parts of the Kingdom. The idea started due to the need of the the community for such a service, which varies between individuals and commercial sectors and delivery companies.

It was established in early 2018, as a supporting pilot project, to link the transport sector with the service seekers within the local community in an easy and free way for both parties, whether for the service provider or the seeker.


GSR is an Arabic word meaning "Bridge". GSRApp is the first B2B mobile application for the FMCG's field in the world, which is help the companies to communicate with supermarkets directly to receive feedback and to open new markets.

GSRApp is a marketing solution for companies, through a digital platform, that helps them to create their own customer list with the possibility to divide the lists by region, delegate or sales volume.