Digital Services & Content

SanadyMe is a big data company that collects real world data and analyzes it to create research that helps the pharmaceutical industry in identifying patients’ preferences and perceptions, using disease-specific tools and the patients’ support group platform.


360Moms is an online parenting platform that provides original, localized and trusted content in both Arabic and English languages.

It is the only platform in the region that delivers original content, developed in collaboration with specialized experts to cover all topics related to parenthood.

360Moms also delivers offline activities, which include interactive workshops and the Rewards Card program. The program ‘Mama’s Rewards’ specifically targets mothers by providing discounts, free items or special offers from over 100 brands.


Since establishing in 2000, JorMall has been connecting Jordanian companies to their customers and target audiences in the most effective methods. Today, JorMall’s services and solutions are serving over 3,500 of Jordan’s top organizations.


ICC is a centralized hub for different kinds of communication needs, focusing on delivering the services that will lead to growing its partners identity and business in a simple and effective manner.

ICC brands and re-brands businesses, products and services to help you achieve the identity you have intended.

The specialty of ICC and its goal is to help Jordanian marketing professionals to develop their marketing skills, therefore the company has created an annual Digital Marketing Seminar, along with top international digital Marketing speakers.


DV8 is a new-age digital media marketing agency that provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions. DV8 specializes in designing and developing digital marketing strategies that encompass the personalized needs of a brand.

The company was established in 2011 with clients in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates.