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With the neck-breaking speed of technology and innovation, no industry has been as critically affected as the global financial sector.

The world of banking has become increasingly complex; business has never moved faster, data has never been more abundant, and executive decision-making has never had such wide-reaching impacts and consequences.

Despite all these new challenges, the modern banking executive is still expected to make complex, critical decisions in record time.

In the financial sector, data is both a blessing and a curse. It provides banks and other financial institutions with more information and potential insights than ever, but it can also lead to organizational bottlenecking, as well as countless hours wasted on unnecessary information, misleading statistics, and other potential inefficiencies.

Most business intelligence and performance management solutions lack the insider perspective necessary to make them truly useful for banks and banking executives.

But with BEYE’s Business Intelligence and Performance Management Solutions, the banking industry can finally harness the potential of its datain a way that translates into meaningful analyses, actionable insights, and more effective executive management.

BEYE Group was established in 2016 by a group of experienced professionals from across the banking, business, and IT sectors.

With this unique combination of knowledge, expertise, and insights, the BEYE team provides banks and other financial institutions with a comprehensive range of business intelligence and performance management solutions.

Created by bankers, for bankers, BEYE’s turnkey solutions address all key banking business lines and operations, with dedicated dashboards for executive management, financial control, personal banking, commercial banking, risk management, and operations management.

Each of these integrated, easy-to-use solutions is carefully designed to reflect the latest developments in global banking challenges, technologies, compliance, and legislative requirements.

BEYE Group’s mission is to provide the banking sector with intuitive, world-class business intelligence and performance management solutions that address the specific needs of banking executives, in a language they can easily, readily understand.

The company’s vision is to gain international recognition as the most trusted provider of banking business intelligence and performance management solutions, delivering world-class services to leading financial institutions across the MENA and Gulf region – and beyond”.

BEYE Banking Business Intelligence solution includes Executive Dashboards, Financial Dashboards, Risk Management Dashboards, Retail Management Dashboards and Corporate Business Line Dashboards.

Customers work with BEYE because the solutions are designed around deep industry insights.

These solutions are quick, easy, cost-effective in implementation; and are easier in streamlining of banking operations. BEYE solutions also provide more accurate, actionable analyses and insights. This results in better business insights and outcomes. BEYE offers exceptional support with unrivaled understanding. BEYE is committed to the digital transformation that reflects the realities of the modern banking sector.

BEYE Group is a sister company of MenaITech, the MENA region’s leading provider of Human Capital Information Systems.

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BEYE Banking Business Intelligence solutions:
• BEYE Executive Dashboards
• BEYE Financial Dashboards
• BEYE Risk Management Dashboards
• BEYE Retail Management Dashboards
• BEYE Corporate Business Line Dashboards

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