BeeLabs, a self-investment start-up company founded in 2013, which has gained the recognition of her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdulla during her talk in France at Medef last August for its highly acclaimed game ShibShib War. Aspiring to bridge the digital gap between foreign and local technology, BeeLabs is a company that develops innovative multilingual casual games and interactive educational applications. Additionally, the company welcomes innovative game ideas and helps brands create and develop games in order to enhance their market presence on a global scale.

One thing that fuels creativity at BeeLabs is their Arabic background and following the overwhelmingly positive response received regionally, coupled with the attraction of wellestablished corporations BeeLabs has been given the confidence to move forward and enter the competition in the global market.

BeeLabs’ mission is to design and develop culturally relevant casual games for mobile devices. Among these games are FaSolYa, a hands-free musical-adventure game, Shibshib War, a high quality Arabic-themed game, Dream’s Knight, an endless running game and The Gnome and Sheep, an interactive story for children aged 3-5 years.

As cofounder of BeeLabs, Tamer Qarrain has assembled a highly competent team that is dedicated to delivering perfection. The team is composed of hardworking bees who are constantly employing their creativity to ensure their clients an awesome multilingual edutainment and gaming applications experiences.

BeeLabs seeks to always be at the cutting edge of technology and to be part of this industry’s growth. As part of its aim to continuously pave the way for innovative new technologies, BeeLabs is among the first to utilize Virtual and Augmented reality in its applications and games! So far, BeeLabs has established partnerships with top-notch companies and aspires to foster existing and future partnerships with likewise innovative corporations.

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