ArabiaWeather is the leading provider of weather products, services and solutions to consumers and businesses in the Middle East.

ArabiaWeather provides weather solutions to businesses across the region, including sectors that are enormously affected by weather conditions such as Media, Airline, Oil/Gas, Agriculture, Insurance, and Retail, in addition to other fields that benefit from weather information.

These solutions help businesses reduce costs, enhance safety and drive efficiency in their operation.

The web properties and mobile applications of ArabiaWeather serve millions of consumers across the Middle East, providing them with timely, accurate and localised weather information in Arabic and English. ArabiaWeather’s technology runs on proprietary, hyper-localized data and algorithms.

ArabiaWeather has offices in Amman, Riyadh and Dubai, staffed with the region’s leading Meteorologists, weather experts, as well as talented R&D specialists who endeavour to deliver the most accurate weather forecasts and information in the region.

ArabiaWeather SkyWatch™ is an Airport and Airline briefing and alerting tool designed to help monitor and plan your network operations. This is an online aviation weather forecasting package designed to help you make smarter and more confident operational decisions that are weather sensitive resulting in saved time and money.

SkyWatch™ quickly and easily identifies periods of potential service disruption at your airports of interest, displayed in an intuitive “traffic light” format, allowing you to make contingency plans for potential flight delays, cancellations and airport closures.

ArabiaWeather LandWatch™ allows you to make informed business decisions when confronted with adverse weather. With access to advanced meteorological data, ArabiaWeather experts provide services to alert of severe weather.

The service includes 24/7 support before, during and after severe weather events. LandWatch™ empowers you to minimise downtime and maximise productivity, avoid catastrophic risks and internal weather-watching confusion, reduce legal liability, and most importantly, protect your brand and your people.

ArabiaWeather SeaWatch™ is a comprehensive Marine weather forecasting solution for Oil and Gas and other offshore activities. It provides continuous decision support and monitoring to ensure safety, increase efficiency and minimise environmental impacts relevant to any offshore project. SeaWatch™ is easily accessible via your dedicated web portal as well as an emailed PDF file. We customise the frequency and required outlook timeframe to your needs. Forecasts can be provided in a traffic light format configurable to your operational limits.

ArabiaWeather Presenter™ is a complete on-air weather graphics system for broadcasters. The system includes all the hardware and software you need to create custom, interactive weather shows and put them on-air. Attract and retain viewers by combining the power of ArabiaWeather’s exclusive hyperlocal weather data, the Arab World’s most trusted weather source with your broadcast brand.

ArabiaWeather Clips™ service provides you with daily weather and forecast graphics and animations, tailored to your brand and audience.

Once it is set-up it requires no station staff to create or air. Provide your viewers with the Arab World’s most trusted weather source while saving operational costs.

Main Products

ArabiaWeather delivers forecasts to 68 Million people in the Arab world every day.


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